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    Thok 25m normal help.


    We've kind of gotten stuck on Thok 25 man normal, our throughput is kind of low so I figured this would happen, but I'd love to hear any tips possible.

    We do Poison-Water-Fire, and we use the (what I suppose is) the heroic way of positioning where you have 1 melee stack spot, and 1 ranged stack spot, but both still within healing rain/druid circle etc, who then collapse to initiate the kiting phase (Essentially the way many heroic kill vids do it)

    We generally run into trouble on the second kiting phase.

    Logs (yes we have lots of hunters, fairly low-pop realm so can't be picky)
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    How do you kite it? Where do people stand when the boss is being kited?

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    We kind of changed our kiting strat a bit.

    1st Kite: to the entrance (he's too slow at this point to get down the hall, just to the front)
    2nd/3rd: Counter clockwise around the room
    4th: To the front and down the hall
    5th: to the back of the room

    No one should need anything until the last couple where we put lock portals through the middle of the room.

    As for healing, we added an extra healer (3 for 10) and it made it quite a bit easier. To be honest though it was more the cooldown rotation on the raid more than individual throughput. We started CDs at 5 and rolled them through 12.

    Here is our last week normal kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monolith of Mazes View Post
    How do you kite it? Where do people stand when the boss is being kited?
    First person goes down the hallway, second person the opposite way, raid stands at the cell we are opening.

    Where should we position after he eats the first prisoner? Stay at his cell or move over to the second cell during the first kiting phase?

    And thanks TheeTova, I'll have a look at that.
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    After thok eats, we just keep him where he is standing. For poison cell, hes jsut right there and is usually faced parallel to the cell with his head on the room entrance side. For ice cell, the person he eats moves up a bit and you'll almost be right where you pulled from. For fire cell its all the same, you just need to kite/turn. In all cases, the raid stacks up on his flank.

    The way you kite it is the same as us. We usually take him to 9-11 stacks of speed boost and then let the prisoners out so he eats them by 12-13 stacks. Speed boosts, blinks, lock portals should all be ready to use.

    Additionally, you will want to get as much time out of stack phases as possible. Use all of your raid cds and knock off as much hp as you can. Aura mastery will prevent the interrupt/silence effect while it is active, so you can chain those. Blessing of Protection will also make recipients immune to the physical damage and the interrupt. We've never used separate stacks of players for this phase.

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    Mhm, we can try stacking up as a full group again with more gear, main reason we used the 2 groups is because it doesn't decrease healing but it prevents him from insta pushing over in P2 when the raid drops below 50.
    Big negative side to it is that you need set positions for the phases which is what causes a lot of problems for us I guess.

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