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    The damage from demolishers was negligible for us and just sent a DK tank, myself a MW, and 2 DPS as soon as the doors opened. This way we only had to do two towers and get into 2nd phase asap. As for the cone they just need to watch their feet better it sounds because it's easy to spot, or alternatively watch him and the way he's facing. Standing closer to him makes it easier to get out of as well. Then just left 1 DPS up there to kill off proto drakes the rest of the fight.
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    As other said:
    1) Send first team up after demo dies. That's the key point. Kill the shit up there
    2) Theres a rope you drop down to make climbing up later easier, do it.
    3) Once first tower is clear leave a dps behind to climb in the cannon to kill the drakes, makes less raid damage afaik

    4) Second team goes up when second demo dies, rinse repeat.
    5) When second team is halfway done send a person back up the rope to the first tower
    6) When second tower is done and adds at bottom are low bring the boss down

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    I think your mistake is sending your entire DPS group up the tower. There's just no reason you have to hurry at that phase.

    We started out by sending 5 people into the tower after we killed the demolisher. We quickly found this to be overkill and the ground group was struggling to keep up with their adds, so we modified the strategy and sent 4 people to the tower (guardian druid, discipline priest, arms warrior and retribution paladin).

    We wait for the demolisher to spawn and kill it before we enter the tower. Usually the first mini-boss was dead or near dead before the demolisher came out (531-ish item level group at the time) but it doesn't matter. Once the demolisher is around 30% health, the tower group starts their run. The tank grabs all of the adds on his way up the tower without stopping. Melee DPS were good here for their ability to DPS on the run, while disc adds some mobile damage and atonement heals. Leaving four DPS down below helps make sure they are able to keep up with any spawning adds. When the tower boss dies, I bailed out of the tower (levitate to the ground) as the archer adds don't do any real damage to the DPS up there and I found I was more useful on the ground at that point.

    By the time the first tower is fully cleared, we are usually very close to the second ground mini-boss spawn. We do the same drill for the second tower, then one of our melee DPS runs back to the first tower and they both wait for us to kill the drakes before they shoot down the boss.

    Our big, fat bear tanked both bosses in the center of the tower and people just moved around them to avoid the cones. We did have a couple people get kicked off, and I found myself flying off the tower after not being able to see the cone until it was too late to move. I play on a very populated server and think that was due to server lag, but it could also just be that I'm bad.

    Our makeup is like yours and our item level is similar. You could three heal this fight with this method if you have problems with the healing. We found it was easy enough to keep up with phase 1 healing if people move out of the fire, and we obviously managed okay in phase 2 when people got the flame orbs right, but it probably would've been a bit easier with a third there.

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    2 things!

    1) when you get to teh top of the first tower you can pull the mini boss anywhere but his first cone WILL BE AIMED AT THE STAIRS! every time we went up he aimed it at the same place.

    2) On the second tower the mini boss first aoe shot was aimed to the left of her when facing her as you pop up from the stairs.

    This helps as you can basically go up the stairs then just go between the 2 archers on teh right and no have any issue while killign the mini boss and archers each time!

    This was my POV as tower tank on the fight ill gladly answer any questions you may have

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odina View Post
    2 things!
    1) when you get to teh top of the first tower you can pull the mini boss anywhere but his first cone WILL BE AIMED AT THE STAIRS! every time we went up he aimed it at the same place.
    Not quite true. The first time you pull him for the day he will choose a random direction to aim the cone. BUT, for each subsequent pull, if you wipe, he will continue to always cast it in that direction first.

    For us he cast the first one directly toward the other tower all night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocksteadee View Post
    Not quite true. The first time you pull him for the day he will choose a random direction to aim the cone. BUT, for each subsequent pull, if you wipe, he will continue to always cast it in that direction first.

    For us he cast the first one directly toward the other tower all night.

    Good info tnx for the correction!

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    For our kill we did:

    1 - AoE down packs with priority on banners and totems.
    2 - Tower group (1 tank/1healer/2 dps) goes up the first tower after the first demolisher is down. 1 dps stays up afterward to shoot the drakes down.
    3 - Resume AoE and banners/totems.
    4 - Tower group goes up the second tower after the second demolisher is down. 1 dps stays up to kill drakes and get ready to pull Galakras. The other tower DPS goes across and back up the rope on the other tower and gets ready to pull Galakras.
    5 - We pull her down and have a spot marked to stack and a spot marked to run to if the fireballs on you. Lust at 40ish percent. We used to lust on the boss pull but found that the burst healing from lust is far more helpful towards the end.

    We beat it on our third try this way, after a 3% and 6% wipe for the first two attempts.

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    Thanks for the info! Was helpful for my guild

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    Quote Originally Posted by NesQuek View Post
    Both towers should be handled after the mini boss and demolisher go down, there's no rush to clear the tower. A tank, healer and 2 dps should be enough to clear the tower right as the boss starts to cast his conal attacks. For the first tower use the direction he's facing rather than the very slow animation to dodge arcing smash.
    Even though this guy is a terrible raid leader, this is the best way of doing it. :P

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    We've perfected the first phase.

    Tank + rogue + mage + healer runs up the tower instantly after the demo is dead. Tank pulls everything at the same time, he's a bit overgeared, 546, but it can probably be done by a 535 aswell since our tank has dps gem/cape.

    Mage stays in the tower, shoots down proto drakes and then jumps down.

    When the second demo comes, we focus it and the same group moves up.

    Tower is cleared when there's ~50 sec left to the next wave. Mage stays, rogue jumps to the other tower. We shoot the boss down when there's 10-15sec left till the next wave of adds.

    This works very well for me. The key is to ALWAYS have the mobs in the Flamestrike debuff, it damages like 600k every 2 sec on every mob, so that's key to dpsing the adds. People in the raid are always giving their 100% though, so we usually don't have any problem with adds whatsoever. Our only problem so far was the second phase which cause ~75% of our 20 wipes.
    EU first PG wave 30, come at me bros.

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    We made it to p2 3 times, 1 of which was very short lived as we pulled the boss down too early. I have some melee to yell at when a healer is in top 3 dmg to a war banner in the whole nights worth of wipes. /sigh

    That and I think we can switch up with dps we send to the tower, as that seems to take a bit long.

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    there is absolutely no reason not to send the whole group up the first tower after the first demolisher is killed. you will kill everything in the tower, including the miniboss before he gets a cast off, before any adds come downstairs. The protodrakes down there will not harm the NPCs and they will kill them pretty easily.

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    Just a note after you get the second tower clear make sure the wave currently being dealt with on the ground it atleast half dead before being the boss down. Also make sure all tideshamans are dead before bring the boss down

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    Why are you sending so many dps? we 2 tank 3 heal 5 dps'd it. And we kill the demo then went up the tower ( 1 tank 1 healer 1 dps(me)) and I was able to clear the tower fine. Later we sent the rogue with me cause apparently being melee sucks for this fight and the tower did clear faster and he took care of the turrets instead of me since I do have much better aoe.
    Edit: Me being a hunter btw.

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    We send EVERYONE in, but only after killing the first boss and Demolisher.
    I popped Fire Elemental + Stormlash and nuked the boss, he would get MAX 2 Arcs off, a couple of tries he didn't even get to cast it. We are 537iLvl.
    The reason we did this is simply because, we experienced that the arc would knock people off that were standing behind him, or to the side of the graphic, it really needs fixed and is completely unpredictable, I have also been thrown off when standing to the side of the graphic and my raid members have also. It's pretty ridiculous, but I hope this helps, and good luck.

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    Hi guys,

    we had some discussions after this nights raid, mostly because I like to improve our raid dps to get into P2 constantly. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but I think our dps could improve here and there. The warrior tank and I, the brewmaster, are new to the guild and criticizing others is always tricky, especially when some people think everything is fine the way it is. But compared to other groups I feel we could do better.

    Could you have a look at those logs and help out? Would be much appreciated!

    The warrior, mage, warlock, paladin and dk are the tower group, with the dk helping with adds at second tower. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlx View Post
    so ideally we should send zerg dps team after demo dies while holding on protos and the next mini boss for them clear the tower and go back? or split dps and have someone stay mauling protodrakes and that annoying second miniboss?
    No until you outgear it. Plus with just 2 healers the fun phase when gal comes down will be tough.

    If you're still comfortable with 2 healing it send just 4 up the towers 1 tank 1 heal 2 dps. you can pull the adds to the door, kill them and then handle the boss.

    don't go up until the demo is killed.

    have cds ready for final phase. banner, uplift, demo aura, divine hymn, tranq. whatever you got will help. It's fun at the end until you start to overgear it.

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    For the first tower, we send most of the group up to the top. The tower boss dies in literally 10 seconds which helps a lot. The knock back can be annoying and frustrating, so the sooner he's down, the better. Afterward, we keep a few dps up there to finish up the other adds while the rest go back down and help the few others that were down below. Afterward, we do the second tower as normal and send a tank, healer and a few dps. Everyone else stays behind as the adds start to get tougher. Then it's all about timing. If the wave is mostly dead (especially the shamans) and you see a new wave coming soon, that is when you shoot down the boss. Works for us.

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    1. tower comes up
    2. mini boss comes up (kill)
    3. demo comes up (kill)
    4. tower group enters, runs straight to the top, kills everything
    5. 1 guy stays behind and shoots protos
    6. tower 2 comes up with mini boss 2 (kill)
    7. demo comes up (kill)
    8. tower group enters, runs straight to top, kills everything

    at this point i would glider from the north tower to the south tower and rocket boots to the top, but i guess you could just run there yourself it isn't that long a run anyway

    9. 2 people in cannons, shoots galakras
    10. p2 starts.

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    We are a casual guild with 6/14 in SOO so we are not hardcore in anyway and had TOT normal gear coming in to SOO so most are around 530-540 atm.

    The said we killed Galakras is as follows:

    2 tanks
    3 healers (H.Priest, D.Priest, Paladin)
    5 Dps (4 ranged)

    3 healers is a bit overkill – but we like to play things safe as our biggest problem is often people standing in shit , so we need to compensate a bit for that. That been said on the first waves of adds the 2 priests are healing/dpsing. (I’m the H.Priest and I Mind Sear, Divine Star and Smite without burning all my mana).

    Once the Demo is down we send 1 tank + 2 dps + 1 healer to the tower (priest, as we can mass dispel the slow debuff he casts).

    When the miniboss runs to the center up there you know we will be casting his knock-off, so at this point I zoom in a lot in my UI so make sure I can see that I’m behind him all the time.
    As soon as miniboss is dead healer jumps down) and assist below while the dps / tank take the last adds. Finally 1 dps shot down the dragons.

    For the second tower its kind of the same 1 tank + 2 dps + 1 healer. We kill the miniboss, and since they do not take anymore damage I jump down as healer and make my way to the 1st tower and jump on the kanon. I’m in position and when they finish off the last adds on tower 2.

    1 tank jumps in canon on tower 2 and the dps jump down and assist clearing the adds.

    Once both canons are under control – we want to look at the timers. We want either all adds to be cone – and if the dps are a bit behind we want to wait till 5 sec before a new wave – and then shoot the boss down, as that blocks any new adds. We had a few adds up which we killed while we got in to position. Yesterday we had 2 man sitting in the canon for like 30 doing nothing, but that’s better then getting the boss down in a fresh set of adds.

    Phase 2:
    Still a bit messy for us, but we divide the raid in 2 groups and have then standing behind the boss in an up-side down V-shape. Tower group on one side (+1 healer) and the rest on the other.
    If we get more than 3 stacks of the debuff we get out of the group to reset, and then back in.
    We lust at around 25% and rotate some CD’s on the run.

    I dont know if there is a hard enrage on the fight - as long as you can keep up with the adds waves and kill the boss in P2 without it taking to long 3 healing is fine imo.

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