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    [Balance]Trinket question

    Hi my druid friends,

    Got a "stupid" question but can't find anything about it, and can't get WrathCalcs to work to get a result.

    So I got really really really bad luck with trinkets in ToT (and continuing in SoO...), since first week I got Breath normal TF, and Cha'ye normal. I got later on Wush heroic but never really used it, thought both those 2 were better.

    Anyways my question is, which combination of those 3 should I use atm ? Is Wush (with the nerf) still better than Breath or Cha'ye normal ?

    My armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...damir/advanced

    Thanks in advance !

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    you should use Wushoolay in place of Breath giving you Cha-ye's and Wushoo trinket combo.

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    I would use Cha Ye and Breath. Wush is a disgusting trinket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fountaiin View Post
    I would use Cha Ye and Breath. Wush is a disgusting trinket.
    this, since nerf on wush its awful.

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    Guess I wasn't wrong then...

    Well unless Slyppy says something else thanks for the comments.

    Edit : Is UVLS normal maybe better than Cha'ye or Breath ?
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    UVLS works nicely with Cha-Ye's because of them both playing around on Crits. However your playstyle slightly changes while using UVLS because you must put your DOTs up regardless just because they'll be 100% Crit DOTs. UVLS is also a love or hate thing to Boomkins, you might want to play around with it to decide if you like it or not.

    Honestly just stick with Normal Cha-Ye's & Thunderforged Breath of the Hydra.

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    Well I was just wondering if I couldn't get more out of the nothing I have xD

    But I guess I'll stuck with those until the god of trinkets decides it's my turn

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