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    I did not had an Engineering.
    So the day I learned about this mount coming up for this patch, I made an Engineering. ( I have 5 level 90's)
    And I guess I am not the only one who had ¨this brilliant idea¨

    My guess this mount is not going to go sky high because most of the people have en Engineering toon and it's cheap to make.
    Just don't buy 30 livings steels on the same days.
    If you are not in rush to show your mount ¨on the first day¨ and you can sell it moore than 75k, then go for it
    My guess, some unlucky SOB are gonna get screwed for 125k on the first day
    After a couple of days( the same week end) , good luck to have more that the cost price(15k) + 3000k gold

    This mount is going to be popular and easy to afford

    The only incoveniant, I have to stop making belt buckle with my living steel cd
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    on the 8-10th of october i intend to put tons of living steel on the ah :S

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    80-100k. I personally won't sell cheaper. If they will sell less, I'll just present one I've been crafting to our RL, because selling this for a miserable sum of 30-40k is a no go for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    on the 8-10th of october i intend to put tons of living steel on the ah :S
    For that .... I think it's the best way to make money on that day

    Living steel and Belt buckle price are going to hit the roof

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    I'll try to sell mine for 150k on the first day. If I can't sell it for more than 100k I'll just use it.

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