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    Best spec coming from a melee player

    So I have a Warrior, Dk and a Monk so I Don't have a ranged class. I picked Mage because I like the look of cloth gear and I like the specs. My problem is, is that I dont know which spec is for me. I have a melee so i'm used to moving around and such so I really do not see Arcane being a spec for me so it will probably be between Fire or Ice.

    If someone can give me some insite on which spec would probably best or if I should re-roll a different ranged class?

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    Roll hunter if you want to freely move. Or try frost as I believe you're only hardcasting frostbolts which are your filler, the rest are instant-procs.

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    Fire if you really do like moving a lot, when you are moving you just spam scorch and wait for the heating up proc, in a PvP environment you will need blazing speed as well, as that provides you with the best kiting ability.

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    I wish thinking of hunter but there is so many of them running around I thought I wouldnt be useful in a Raid.

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    It is simple. Go frost.
    My arguments are
    - High performance in low gear
    - Easy to master
    - Decent movement posibilities due to often, strong procs.
    - Good CC spec
    - High, often crits makes it a fun spec to play
    - Very low penalty if not played properly.

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    I think you should aim for fire, because this spec looses the least of its efficiency when on the move.
    With that said, you need to have a crit heavy gear to play fire (and get good numbers), and it'll take you a while to get it. The most frustrating part, is that you'll probably get your gear by playing frost, which uses a completely different set of gear.

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    My bet would be frost at the start, fire with low gear is not enjoyable at all (imo).

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    I've always had bags of fun playing as Frost. It feels a lot faster than the other specs, like you and your pet are a machine-gun-torrent of icicles.
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    If you really enjoy so much moving and jumping while DPSing you should roll Hunter. Warlocks could do the same before 5.4, but not so much anymore. Mages can also be mobile, but they require more thinking about positioning, certain talents and glyphs. Frost and Fire can be very mobile, Arcane not so much, so I would recommend Frost as a starting spec, not only because it is mobile by itself with so many instants via procs, but also does very well in low gear.

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