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    Lightbulb Heroes of the Storm possible truth

    Ok so I am creating this thread to try to pull together some information on a more specific topic about this possible expansion pack. So many have asked around the web what is on the other side of the sea to the west of kalim and east of EK? There is two diff body's of water meaning that there would HAVE to be another land mass in between them.
    When you go to wow wiki this is said about Azeroth:
    The world of Azeroth also may have land located at the other side, beyond the Veiled Sea to the west of Kalimdor, and beyond the Forbidding Sea to the east of the Eastern Kingdoms. No one is sure or has knowledge of what kind of creatures, lands, cultures, life, and sentient being lives in the other side of Azeroth. It is clear though that it is very dangerous.
    "A handful of ships have ventured from Kalimdor away from the Maelstrom — to the north, west, and south. None have yet returned."
    This was never touched on again, maybe we have been to busy to fighting with one another to put more ships to use in discovering this portion of the world.
    Also the current landmasses' geography makes even less sense.
    Then there is the whole thing of the titan globes. My problem with those is that with any special kind of magic you can make things appear and disappear(Panda Land) And do these globes even show us all the little islands that we know exist??
    These are just a bunch of random things i pulled up while looking around for info, so clearly it wont all make the best of sense but yeah any other things that might prove this guys? ( i was unable to post a picture of the back of the world with clouds and storm like things because i haven't posted the required amount of times to link things, so if anyone could link a pic of ''File:Forbidding and Veiled Sea.PNG'' from wowpedia that would be awesome)

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    You'd better have posted in the "regular" thread imo.

    Oh, and there's nothing "on the other side of Azeroth" if we believe the Titan 3D representations of Azeroth in Ulduar, no Christopher Colombus in WoW, sorry :s

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    The ulduar globes show a continent to the south that turned out to be Pandaria.

    Furthermore the globe Wrathion pulls up also shows that Kalimdor and EK are on opposites sides of the globe. There's no 'other side of the world'. Just like how Europe/Asia/Africa is on one side of our maps and NA/SA is on the other side.

    There's no other side of the world for us. Travel west from the US and you end up in EU/Asia. Same as if you did this to Kalimdor and EK.

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    Please post in the other thread on this. There's 30 pages of speculation there. Please add to it. Thanks.

    Closing as a duplicate thread.

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