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    Flex/normal raids+weekly timeless isle quest.
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    Weekly and Daily Timeless isle quests, a heroic dungeon per day and SoO LFR. I try to cap early on my druid to boost the gains of my alts, 3 of them are on the 3K VP quest for legendary.

    Heroic dungeon is like 5 minute queue (during which I can do other things), then maybe 8-12 minutes to clear the dungeon, less depending on the zone for 80VP. I do it on my alts too for 120 VP (after they've done everything else they need).
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    You could also consider going back to the Isle of Thunder to knock out the weekly there, I was able to duo it with our main tank Brewmaster monk a few weeks prior to 5.4. I'll probably see if I can solo it this weekend, I don't imagine I'll have much trouble but not sure yet. Only issue with that is I'll quickly burn through the 20-30 Ritual Stones I have stored up, but not like they're being used for anything else. Either way though, a group of 2-3 current-content well geared players should be able to knock it out in 15 mins, tops, for 150 VP. You could probably make a round and knock out all the rares simultaneously too, for more ritual stones, as that Island is probably deserted as hell now.
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    That one special place
    Heroic Scenario - 150vp
    Heroic Dungeon - 80vp
    Epoch Stone quest - 200vp
    20 elites quest - 50vp

    rest I get from an SoO clear, or perhaps an additional dungeon or two.

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    LFR and Flex, daily dungeon for the bonus valor, and normal mode raids. I'll do heroic scenarios if I need to catch up but so far I've hit 1k before Saturday each week. Hopefully I'll continue to get gear upgrades and spend VP upgrading them. That's all VP is for anymore.

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    The Celestial Tournament nets 125 per week. It's not the most efficient source, but if you're going for the pets anyway that's 125 vp you don't need to worry about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Litre View Post
    With maxed factions (no need to do dailies), item level in-line with current LFR/flex (no need to do previous tiers of LFR and/or heroic scenarios), and with only a few of the timeless isle quests rewarding valor, how are you all getting yours? With more wings of LFR to-be-released shortly, it'll be less of an issue, but I've noticed there's not much else short of doing previous content. Is this correct, or am I missing something?
    The epoch quest gives 200VP per week
    The Shao daily quest gives 350 VP per week

    if you kill 20 mobs per day on timeless island, you are at 550 VP for the week. The rest is just LFR and Flex bosses for me

    I am actually capping very early in the week now. much better than 5.3 where I had to run heroics on mondays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    dungeon/ scenario once a day >.< It would include heroic scenario but they decided to not add a queue to it to try and discourage people from doing it...I've never know a game company that actively trys to discourage people from doing in game activity s like blizzard does :S
    Because heroic scenarios are meant to be a bit challenging beyond PUG level. If you start allowing a LFD for them, then they will end up having to nerf them. it is the same thing with Flex raids.

    But seriously, if you are this into the game and you don´t have friends to do them with, and if you haven´t figured out oQue and openraid... well then you probably aren´t someone who most people would want to get stuck with in a random group. Stick to normal scenarios please.

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    Weekly raid of SoO plus the daily and weekly quests on the timeless isle are capping me.

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    I've suddenly found it entertaining to queue as a tank and do as such while in my healer spec (I'm a monk, so I am OP). I have done a pretty damn good job at it to say the least. Doing at least 150k dps, and if someone pulls off me, nbd, you have 2 healers with you.

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    Uh, raiding?
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    I was capped coming into 5.4. No valor gear. I'm remaining capped. I get valor faster than I can get gear to upgrade.
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    Call me old fashioned but i chain run heroic dungeons, usually 4 or so a day on my paladin who has alot of herioc throne / normal SoO gear. It serves two pourposes, i push myself to complete the dungeon faster and faster every time i run through and it makes someones day (fresh 90s gearing up etc). I never really warmed up to Senarios, and i get about half my valor from just normal SoO. So it doesn't take that much longer anyway.
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    normal / flexi raids + hc scenarios and pet battle dailies

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