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  • Totally, I'd like to see HD support

    186 72.09%
  • Nah, I prefer the simplified textures we have now.

    72 27.91%
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    an optional hd pack sure, for people like me with a decent computer it would be cool for WoW to have some amazing graphics, but one of blizzards main things with WoW is that it runs so well on such a range of pcs
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    I would argue that Heartstone/pet battles/PVP detract developer time as well from the real, tangible features, but you wouldn't understand.
    Hearthstone is a completely different team, you may as well say "They could take the people from Starcraft 2 and use them to make textures". And just because you don't consider Pet Battles and PvP to be 'real, tangible features' I'm sure many people out there do and wouldn't be happy sacrificing them for some new textures. Pet Battles don't really have much art or content requirements anyway, thats why they were added in in the first place, its mostly code, a bit of UI work, and a huge value-add to the game as a result. New textures on the other hand would require a veritable ARMY of artists to complete, and you're not going to get anywhere near the value added to the game compared to the time spent having to do it. Plus, the things you'd be sacrificing would be things like 5 mans, raid content, and higher level zones, because thats where the art work goes, not so much into pet battles and pvp.

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    I think for those that want a higher quality look on WoW should have that option. It's not *required*. I forgot what MMO not as popular as WoW had a regular client and a high res client or something like that. I mean sure the average person may not get it but it would be good for those that like upgrading their machines.
    WoW is high res. It was high-res day 1.

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