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  • Seasons of War (Original)

    46 10.24%
  • The Dark Portal (Burning Crusade)

    43 9.58%
  • Arthas, My Son (Wrath of the Lich King)

    286 63.70%
  • Xaxas (Cataclysm)

    37 8.24%
  • Why do we Fight (Mists of Pandaria)

    37 8.24%
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    The Greatest Cinematic in WoW?

    Which do you think is the absolute greatest, most awesome, truly mind-boggling World of Warcraft Cinematic of all time?

    Original Cinematic: Seasons of War -
    The Burning Crusade: The Dark Portal -
    Wrath of the Lich King: Arthas, My Son -
    Cataclsym: Xaxas -
    Mists of Pandaria: Why do we Fight -

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    To me the Cataclysm opening cinematic was the most epic, too bad (again for me) that expac was pretty much a big let down overall.

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    the lich king

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    The best is certainly the Lich King cinematic in my opinion. The dialogue alone is amazing, and having it weaved in into the background of what was going on in the video itself was like poetry.

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    WoTLK > MoP > BC > Original > Cata

    And this is coming from someone who's favourite expansion would probably go like BC > MoP > WoTLK > Cata. Only problem with BC is that it didn't focus on Illidan... which was a problem with TBC itself.

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    Wrath one was amazing, original was also great. I like the Cata one because Deathwing is one of my favorite Warcraft lore characters, BC was undoubtedly epic. Mists was awesome as well.

    Really, they're all amazing. I'd say Wrath > Mists = Vanilla > BC > Cataclysm, but they're all very close.

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    What is this? This isn't even a competition I pick Arthas :P

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    Not really a contest, WotLK is in a league of its own. The voice of Terenas alone makes it the best thing in WoW ever

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    Cata one was my favorite.
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    The wrathgate cinematic is the greatest by far. So none of those! You should be more specific if you mean intro trailer.
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    Wrath cinematic still gives me chills.
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    I still watch the WotLK one from time to time. Still gives me chills (No pun intended).

    I wish I could relive Wrath. I enjoy MoP alot, but nothing compares to the build up of the Lich King.
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    First one.

    Though, like Bigbazz, I'd've voted for Wrathgate in a heartbeat.

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    The way the WotLK cinematic is set up just makes it leagues beyond the other ones, it's just so cleverly made. It has a much deeper, kind of tragic sense to it, while most of the other ones are show-off cinematics
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    Wrath one for sure. The lore, the music, the was awesome.

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    Wotlk cinematic was the best, Wrathgate in German and Falling of the Lich King trailer are awesome

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    It's actually in the order of their respective release. Although the three first are miles better, cooler and make a whole lot more sense than the final two.

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    WotLK one, no contest. It still gives me shivers because of how well done it is.

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    A better expansion.

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