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    Want to raid! but how?

    Greetings, and thanks for stopping by.

    Im a "veteran" player of World of warcraft that have been in a crappy situation since MoP came out.

    I got my 1st job as an industrial plumper , which is great but the problem lies withing the working hours. In the company we are working a rotation of 1 week daytime 07.00-15.00 , and the next week 14.50-22.00

    Because of this I can't seem to find a raiding guild that wanted my in the start of MoP, due this I've only lurked around leveling a couple of classes, done LFR, dailies etc.

    Before I started working I went to school and had no problem raiding, I love raiding since I started playing the game when TBC was realesed.

    But now I cant hold out anymore! I really want to raid proper again!

    Now my question is : Would a guild want a player that can only raid one another week? Or should I just stop playing the game. raiding has been the best thing I've done in the game, and I just dont see it as the same game without it.

    Thanks for reading and hoping for advices and tips

    (Sorry for english, not native )

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    At what level is the ultimate question, and can you be content with a bench spot?

    It's unlikely you'll find a guild who wants you as a fulltime, main raider with that stipulation.

    You're going to have to find somewhere that raids weekends only if you want to raid fulltime.

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    i'd say give openraid a try. its a free website, only need to register for an account.
    the advantage is you can invite crossrealm, so you need to get ur battle.net ID out for crossrealm invites for raids etc

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