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    Timeless Isle: How to use it to upgrade your gear?

    A simple question, I've been messing around on the Timeless Isle now a bit, but besides some gear-upgrades for alts I never seem to find anything useful for my 'LFR hero' main (ilvl 506). I've seen a few people talk about itemlevel 535+ (?) drops and such and items that upgrade your gear, but ... where do you find them? How do I get my hands on them?

    I've read a few sites like Icy Veins, but they still left me pretty clueless as to how to use the Isle mainly as a gear-upgrade zone. (I'm not very interested in rep grinding or vanity items).
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    Burden of Eternity. Drops randomly from rares (certain rares?), can be bought for 50k timeless coins, a 100% drop from the Blazing Chest up at Ordon Sanctuary (1 time only) and can also be looted from Kukuru's chests. Lets you use it on a armor token and it will be a random stat-item with 535 ilevel.

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    You can only use Burden on 'unused' token. Doesn't work on trinket tokens. You can buy 535 trinket for 50k coins.

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