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    Eagle Eye

    I've been using Eagle Eye to help keep an eye out for rares on Timeless Isle, but am having it glitch out all the time...
    It seems to just randomly stop working.
    It does the cast and I see the loading screen, there's a slight flicker and then i'm back to my char and nothing has happened.

    It doesn't seem to be distance related as I've had it happen when trying to look from even a close range, while turning around and trying somewhere else much further away works.
    I've tried toggling draw distance but it didn't help.
    I asked some other hunters in my guild but they don't seem to have the same problem with it.

    Anyone else get this and know if there's anything I can do about it?

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    Eagle Eye has been pretty broken all of MoP for whatever reason. I hate how it has a loading screen whenever used past 5 feet ffs. Back in WOTLK I remember being able to use Eagle Eye to see from Elwynn Forest all the way to Undercity. RIP in peace.

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    I dislike the loading screen too, and the occassional interrupts. Just when I'm searching for fun graphical glitches or stuff from instances, it breaks and my fun is destroyed.

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    Use rare coordinator with Tom Tom for rares on timeless isle and you are set. You really don't need tom tom if you know were the rates are located.
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    It's just the way the spell is, to e it seems like it's related to being block by a big mountain or something.
    Also another thing I noticed since a few days ago the rare skull icon on the minimap don't show while using eagle eye.

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    Eagle eye has been an incredibly buggy spell for a long time now. The introduction of CRZ just made it a total mess. I would love for Blizzard to do an article explaining the technical mechanics behind the spell and it's relationship to the server when in use. Prior to MoP the spell would actually behave a little differently every server maintenance/restart. I haven't tested this in sometime, but I'm guessing it still behaves this way and is now affected by CRZ as well.

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    Even though it has "unlimited range" it does seem to have a range and only reaches maybe halfway across the island. The way I tend to combat this is to make a macro which lets you chain cast eagle eye much like the Shaman "Far Sight":
    /cast !Eagle Eye

    Like i said, this will let you keep clicking and aiming eagle wherever you want, but keep in mind there still seems to be a mas distance. If you hit a wall which cancels the spell, try to find a away to go around it rather than through it.

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    I think like me, Blizzard forgot about the existence of Eagle Eye.
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