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PS Ticken Ebon Det is terrible.. so front loaded, hard to react to... if SV was our top spec by far, it wouldn't be AS bad... but with TBW, we'd have to have hairtrigger reflex to get the most use out of it. I plan to stick to assurance and Multistrike (Haroms?).
Unfortunately I don't think most people have the option to pick and choose. I'll stick with any warforged T16 trinket over a T15 trinket any day, in my case. For the record, I don't think it's hard to react to at all. It's pretty much the exact thing is Rentaki's, and everyone was jizzing over that (or at least I was, ignoring all that goddamn expertise). Just track it in Weak Auras and keep an eye out for it. That doesn't mean it's any good, of course.

Digressing from the point of the thread, though. Agreed that AMoC is quite good on a fight like Garrosh where the boss will go under 20%, allowing you to get the reduced CD, without losing the duration.