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    I found this interesting, but there will always be people who complain about anything, I personally rather have this in a Content patch than a whole expansion honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeror View Post
    The idea of an appearing landmass on the maelstroms location by time rifts could work.
    sort of like how in the tv series Lost the island could move, depending on some magic levers and time traveling stuff. I could see the bronze dragonflight moving an island into our current time, which is completely different to everything we have seen so far.

    could be really fun
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    Good job on typing it all out, not the best wishlist/idea board I've seen, but not terrible. However I dislike the idea of using the timelines as a central story telling mechanic since we never get to see development, rather just the end result. After Cataclysm it became the age of mortals, the Aspects really don't need to be seen for another expansion or so.

    I did like the 6.2 idea of Azshara trying to retake Zin'Azshari, but in my opinion that was the coolest sounding plot line. I just don't think I find corruption or time travel compelling anymore.
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    This time travel expansion gives also the opportunity to give Queen Azshara and Illidan a return.

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    I wish the burning legion would come back and kill all the trolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coreybrah View Post
    fake is fake
    He called it speculation in the OP... learn to read, buddy.

    While it's obvious you put some effort into it, it just doesn't strike me as that interesting. A lot more would have to be done with this before it could come close to working. What new features are there? Races? Classes? Anything? And, while it seems a bit cliche at this point, it does strike me as very Cataclysm 2.0... only without revamping anything.

    Even though I don't think it could work as an expansion, maybe the Fall of Nozdormu/Rise of Murozond could be a patch. Have portals popping up all over the place in a pseudo-Battlefield Barrens thing, with some time travel, quest chains, and maybe a couple of dungeons leading up to a raid where Murozond disappears into the End Time after we defeat him.

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    Dragons.... Again.

    Can we take a break from Dragons going crazy for a while please ?
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    No, just no.
    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
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    Bitch you need to go eat a fucking bullet you fucking cunt

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    I would like a time themed expansion or even just a time jump because i want to see how azeroth changes, major factions expanding and declining, how thrall/ possibly garrosh's baby fits in to the story and a hundred other story elements that can't be filled in the space of an expansion or two and waiting 30 years in real life to find out doesn't sound appealing >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seasz View Post
    No, just no.
    This. Please, no story centered around time travel. I've seen genius writers fail at it, not in a million years will anyone affiliated with blizzard ever make a satisfying story that uses time travel whitout introducing gaping plotholes left, right and center.

    Edit: And can we for once, just this one time, skip the piss poor troll content and do something fun for a change in the middle of an expansion? I don't like the troll tradition either (kudos to the OP here), so let's just not do it for a change? People and their stupid troll love ... /oldmanrantingwhiledisapearinginthedistance
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    Cool story brah.

    Except the aspects have fuck all in terms of power now, making your entire silly idea worthless.

    Unless you want to set the entore expansion in an alternate timeline. Which no one does.
    it is lazy and contrived.

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