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    Daytime raiding server?

    I'm returning to WoW after two years away, and am looking for a server with a good DAYTIME raiding/dungeon-running community to join.

    I've played both Alliance and Horde, RP and non-RP, PvE and PvP flagged servers... none of that is hugely important to me. I just want to find a place where progression isn't limited to prime time. My window is generally between noon-6pm CST (=10am-4pm PST, =1pm-7pm EST).

    Any recommendations?

    (Not looking to join a specific guild just yet, my main is still 85... But FWIW, he's a Resto druid, currently Alliance, with hard-mode raiding experience in Naxx25/Sarth/EoE/Ulduar/Icecrown.)

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