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    Proving Grounds Endless Mode (Frost DK Guide in OP)

    I've completed wave 30+ of both Tank and Damage Endless mode, and I wanted to make a quick guide for Frost DKs (in my case, 2H) who want to do Proving Grounds. This can also serve as a general Proving Grounds discussion thread if people are interested. Once you learn the timing of all of the waves and when to use your cooldowns, you can get pretty far; it's all execution after that.

    -Unholy Blight
    -Chilblains for slowing Monkeys and Banshees, or Death's Advance for more mobility
    -Tier 5 is your choice; I chose Runic Empowerment
    -Desecrated Ground for an extra stun break, or Remorseless Winter to slow monkeys if you didn't take Chilblains
    -Tier 2 and Tier 4 talents are useless; you don't take any damage and there are no Charm, Fear, or Sleep effects

    -Glyph of Icebound Fortitude: useful for breaking stuns from Amber globules
    -Glyph of Regenerative Magic: AMS block the stun from Amber globules. You take 0 damage from it, so this glyph gives you a 22.5sec CD on AMS.
    -Glyph of Swift Death: You will use Soul Reaper for the haste buff very often, so this will help a lot

    You could also use Glyph of Death and Decay to snare monkeys.

    Mobs: I'll assume that you are familiar with each of the types of mobs from Bronze/Silver/Gold modes. A couple important DK-specific tips are that Banana-Tossers and Banshees can be Death Gripped. AMS blocks the hit debuff from bananas and the stun effect from amber globules. Icebound Fortitude and Desecrated Ground break the stun as well. Pretty much every mob can be stunned/interrupted/silenced, and Banana-Tossers and Banshees can be slowed.

    Waves: In Endless mode, the same 10 waves repeat over and over again. For each wave you defeat, every mob's HP is increased by 1%. The key to progressing far is to learn these waves, time your cooldowns wisely, and use the mechanics of each mob to your advantage.

    General Strategy: One of the most important things to do is to make sure you lead the Amber Globules into your enemies whenever possible. This increases your damage significantly and is necessary to start beating waves as mob HP gets higher. Interrupt heals from Mystics whenever possible. Kill Banshees immediately. Slow Banana-Tossers so they do not get far away from you; Death Grip them to you if they get too far away.

    In order to do well, you will have to manage Soul Reaper skillfully. There are three tricks to using Soul Reaper well in Proving Grounds. The first is to kill small mobs before Soul Reaper expires so you benefit from the haste and movement increase. The haste buff is especially important with such low haste levels due to the gear scaling. The second trick to using Soul Reaper is to know when to place it on a mob and then run off to kill something new, letting Soul Reaper kill the mob. This works especially well on Guardians and other high HP stationary mobs when combined with the Amber Globules. Hit Soul Reaper, let the Globule hit, then take it below 35% with another attack, then run to kill something else. Soul Reaper should finish it off while you get a head start on another mob. Know when mobs are low in general so that you can let your diseases finish them off and ignore them. Lastly, you need to be able to time Soul Reaper when a mob is above 35% HP so that it expires right when the mob gets under 35%.

    Don't forget that you can use Pillar of Frost every wave. Make sure your Ghoul is available for Waves 5 and 10. Save Army of the Dead for Wave 10, and save Empower Rune Weapon for Waves 5 and 10. There will also be a Berserking buff that spawns on the ground every few waves; save these for Waves 5 and especially 10.

    Wave-specific Strategy:
    Wave 1: 6 Small Varmints and 3 Large Amber-Weavers. Drop a Death and Decay in the center right at the beginning. AOE the Varmints down, then use the Amber-Weavers' globules to help you kill each of them.
    Wave 2: 2 Large Guardians, 1 Small Amber-Weaver, 1 Small Mystic, 1 Large Banshee (spawns at 30s). Kill the Mystic first, and use the Amber-Weaver's globules to increase your damage on the Guardians. You can grip the Banshee into a globule if you need to.
    Wave 3: 18 Varmints, 2 Banana-Tossers. Drop DnD in the center right at the end of the previous wave. Hit Remorseless Winter, Unholy Blight, or Howling Blast (with Chilblains) ASAP to slow the Banana-Tossers before they run out of the center. AOE as much as you can at the beginning, then go finish off the Banana-Tossers before finishing off the AOE pack in the center.
    Wave 4: 4 Large Guardians, 1 Large Amber-Weaver, 1 Small Banshee (spawns at 30s): Run around and kill each Guardian from behind, using globules to increase your damage and using the Soul Reaper tricks described above. Grip the Banshee to you when it spawns and kill it, then finish off the Amber-Weaver.
    Wave 5: 1 Small Banana-Thrower, 1 Small Mystic, 1 Small Sha, 1 Small Banshee (spawns at 30s): Pop your Ghoul right at the start of this phase. Unholy Blight at the start to get your diseases on everything. Grip the Banana-Thrower to you then start wailing on it and the Mystic, cleaving whenever possible. Interrupt the Mystic's heals. Once those two are dead, switch to the Sha and kill the Banshee when it spawns. Grab the Berserking buff with about 35 seconds left in the phase. Use Pillar of Frost and burn hard starting at 20s, use Empower Rune Weapon if you need to once the shield drops.
    Wave 6: 6 Large Varmints, 2 Large Mystics: There is a large space between the Mystics, meaning you can only really interrupt one at a time. This means you'll need to use their mechanics to your advantage; remember that they heal the lowest HP ally, so AOE the central pack at the start to make sure their heals go to the weak Varmints. Once their HP is low, go over to one Mystic and kill/interrupt it. Finish off the AOE pack and the other Mystic.
    Wave 7: 1 Small Banana-Tosser, 2 Large Amber-Weavers, 3 Large Guardians: Slow and kill the Banana-Tosser immediately and use the globules and Soul Reaper tricks to kill everything else fast.
    Wave 8: 1 Large Mystic, 2 Large Slayers, 3 Large Banshees (1 each at 45s, 30s, and 25s). Get as much DPS as you can on the Mystic at the start. Use your Rime procs and/or Unholy Blight to get your diseases on everything to get a head start on the Slayers. Kill the Banshees as soon as they spawn and then finish off the Slayers.
    Wave 9: 2 Large Slayers, 1 Large Amber-Weaver, 1 Large Guardian, 1 Large Banana-Thrower, 1 Large Banshee (spawns at 30s): You need to DPS things very efficiently here. I suggest killing the Banana-Thrower first while spreading your diseases to whatever you possibly can. Keep the Amber-Weaver up so you can use its globules.
    Wave 10: 1 Large Sha. Timing your CDs is extremely important here. Use your Ghoul as soon as the wave starts. Start summoning Army with around 45-48 secs left in the wave. Grab the Berserking buff at about 35s left, pop Pillar of Frost at 20s left, and burn hard. Dump all your runes after 20s and use Empower Rune Weapon here. This is a tight single-target DPs check.

    These waves repeat over and over until you eventually fail to kill every mob before the end of a wave. Hope this helps somebody!

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    Subscribing for future discussion. Thanks.

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    I've been struggling past Wave 15 (I have no idea why, since I seem to outdps everyone else around my ilvl and I'm very thorough and sceptical about my own DPS).
    This game me some ideas though, I'll try them out when I get home in an hour!

    Thank you for doing this, I've been thinking someone should do this for a while now!

    P.S: Should be sticky in DK forums!

    Did some attempts bearing these things in mind, and definitely saw a difference. I made it to E-Wave19 last night, and I even lost concentration in Wave 18 so I had trouble through 19.
    Earlier this morning I actually tried it out again, as 2H frost rather than DW frost, because I wanted to check out my new weapon. I feel 2H has way better small-burst more often than DW, that being said DW has much better running damage with Howling Blast spams. Using the soul reaper glyph trick is probably really really good for 2H in comparison to efficience as DW. I haven't tried the glyph in either spec though - (Will do later tonight).

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