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    Found this suprising. How does unh dk-disc have any problem with any double dps team, esp ones without off healing?
    You are aware that mage/rogue is easily the strongest dd comb in 2s, since it was created and both classes have endless burst+cc and can reset the game anytime?

    The mage conjures food and the rogue eats in stealth mode while the mage eats behind a pillar, while his 2 opponents are cced. Observe a good double frost mage game, once. They can do serious shit to something like warri+healer, last for an enternity by coordinated drinking/eating and ccing + the use of pillars.

    Mentioned the double frost mage comp cause it shows you how they regain their hp/mana easily, while technically have no stealth as the rogue, where its obvious.

    However this is way more a dd+healer season overall.

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    Yeah as unh/priest against mage/rogue, Id think its just a matter of dk training the mage. But yeah, it is a strong 2dps comp. Ive had more problems with boomkin/afflic lock teams since the boomie plays like a resto 70% of the fight.

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