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    [Resto] Thok the Bloodthirsty help.

    I am currently progressing on Thok and i am finding it really hard to heal the stacked phase, on the later roars i can't get a chain heal cast of and i feel like i am doing no healing. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Ideally when the roars get very close together, you guys would have a Devo Aura up for interrupt prevention. If you don't, do what you can, but there might be parts near the end where a CH is impossible. Keeping HR down is the bigger priority, can use your AS for that (if you took it), or squeeze it in between roars (use UL, have the reticule doww, as soon as the roar cast finishes start your HR cast). Then use judgement to see if you can CH or not.

    Our first try I got locked out doing CH's a few times, then focused more on doing everything else (totems, RT, UE + HR, either big c/d) and it went much better for me. That and us using Devo auras, lol. Worked pretty well for me, was #1 when we killed it, shows as #2 now. And CH was 13% of my healing done.

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    I personally took the Glyph of Riptide for this fight, and have since 2 & 3 healed it, but as whats already been said, an UE + HR with AS once the Roars get too constant can certainly help keep people topped up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
    I personally took the Glyph of Riptide for this fight, and have since 2 & 3 healed it,
    That's a good idea, I forget that most people here raid 10s and things are different. In 25s usually have atleast 1-2 pallies around for Devo, in 10s definitely can depend on that less so RT glyph might be worth looking at.

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    As restomurilo pointed out it's a matter of timing and being able to prevent the cast interruption, but even with that it only takes you so long. When you start reaching around 10ish stacks it's so fast that you won't really be able to get much of anything out there. That leaves totems; tide is tide, stream + ascendance + spilink can also even alot of the spikes out. That tho might depend alot on how you position your groups; if you stand in one big pile or if you are spread out in many smaller groups to gain more controll of when you want to phase change.

    But initially try and time your healing rains and chainheals so that you start casting them right after one has gone off and atleast in the beginning it will work when that doesn't work anymore use Devo if you have it and then you can push on some more but after that that is gone all you have are cooldowns and when they are not there anymore it's really time to hit the running phase.

    In our 10m we start pushing and chaining various cooldowns (from the small off cooldowns to the larger healer cooldowns) around scream 4-6, at that stage you should still be able to drop rain without issue, and can then push on quite awhile if we use three healers (plus the various other peoples cooldowns). I seem to recall DBM saying something about us pushing the screams past 20, at which time DBM doens't even update properly anymore -- the screams come so fast that when the addon says X it's already X+something -- last week but that was seriously unfunny as the screams at that time was more or less instant and it became very dangerous and uncontrollable.
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    Ok guys what about conductivity here? Isn't it better to pick it and charge it while you can still cast? Or AG/RS is better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudko View Post
    Ok guys what about conductivity here? Isn't it better to pick it and charge it while you can still cast? Or AG/RS is better?
    Ok, i'll give you my reasonings in response to this, but bare (bear?) in mind I exclusively raid 10-man and have tried different set ups for this fight so i may come across biased.

    First off, i'll start with Conductivity:

    Phase 1, you place healing rain at a reasonable amount of stacks, and then try to extend it with single target healing. While you're gaining spread heals through healing rain duration, you're putting out less burst spread healing through single HW/GHW between the screams (or under Dev. Auras)

    Phase 2, Place healing rain on melee/tank killing jailor (remember 10 man perspective) and spot heal to extend during duration.

    Ancestral Guidance, (2min CD)

    Phase 1, with a 2min CD, it won't likely be up for each stack phase (unless you're popping it way too early in which case you shouldn't take this talent regardless) so you'll likely alternate it with your Ascendance
    - Personally i'd consider this in conjunction with Glyph of Riptide

    Phase 2, spread healing suits, but with kiters moving and ranged never really being where you want them to be (because who cares where the healers are positioned right?)

    Now onto Rushing Streams
    Phase 1, HST can be dropped straight up on any of the stack phases to top up raiders before the first scream, and still be up for the later screams, in addition to spreading the 10% dmg reduction (which is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to the fire/nature buff Thok gets)
    - Also note that this talent interacts with t15 2pc. Spreading more healing and more resistance buffs.

    Phase 2, HST can interact with either Projection for moving it to the other side of Thok should you get caught on the wrong side (or those damned ranged have run off again), Call of the Elements provides a reset (3min CD) to drop a second totem if needed, or Totemic Persistence allows it to be dropped with HTT for a little extra punch.

    I know theres probably factors i've missed, but as far as my experience on Thok goes, and so far this entire tier, I doubt i'll be dropping RS for any other talent on this particular fight.

    Also any critique or criticism of this (for either 10 or 25 man as I've only guessed OP is 10man) is more than welcome.
    This was longer than I'd intended it to be.

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    When his interrupt gets fast at the end of phase, use HTT and try to keep healing rain down(like with NS) and HST. Casting anything else will most certainly get you interrupted.

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    I took totemic persistence for the fight, so I could get both HTT and HST down when the roars came constantly, they give great healing combined.

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    It becomes unrealistic to cast during the roar phases when they're constant because you're going to kill yourself trying to heal.

    Basically what I did was get healing rain out as much as i can before I was being cut off by the roar. After that I would just maintain HST and use AS to get it down when things were getting unbearable. I personally find this a great time to use your HTT and SLT because during add phase it's not as healing intensive until the boss is almost dead then the flames (I guess it depends in the order you go) but if you do flames last, it gets a bit scary but I made sure my cooldowns were up for the end.

    I don't think conductivity is the best idea because to get it keep your HR down you have to cast... But you can't cast lol. So you're better off just using a major cooldown. Now if you're like my old guild where cooldowns are being called my someone else, I'd suggest talking to them about CD rotation during that phase.

    I actually have a video of myself doing this fight


    excuse my silly death at the beginning. It was a bad call ahhaha.
    But because I'm healing with another shaman, He used a lot of his cooldowns for the roars, I saved mine for when things got scary. I was trial for this guild at the time so I was a bit nervous and didn't understand how the shaman was planning to handle his cooldowns. I could have used mine a lot more keeping up with his hps. But don't be like me and afraid to use your cooldowns! Especially during progression

    Hope this helps!
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    I've read from multiple sources that Hand of Protection allows you to cast though screech.
    Will probably be trying Thok tomorrow night to verify.

    Going to coerce (bribe?) my pally tank to HoP me for ascendance then chain his devo aura after my ascendance ends.

    So for 10 man, 10 stacks of screech is when cooldowns should start being used?

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    Thank you for the helpful tips in this tread, my guild will be attempting this boss at some point tonight, so i've taken notes!
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    I know this thread is most likely directed at normal thok but for heroic thok stacking as much as haste as you can get is the best option for this fight as to allow smoother healing past 15 stacks. Also Glyph of water shield is amazing for this fight as the roar procs water shield.

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    My guild downed Thok normal last night, after I personally took notes about the fight from this thread. Glyph of Riptide does work a treat on this fight We 2 healed it with just using 1 tank. I found if you kept blanketing the raid with riptide on the stacked phases while sneaking in a chain heal and/or Healing rain it was pretty straightforward. I saved Healing tide and NS+Healing Rain for when the shouts got quicker. Just keep spamming that Riptide lol
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    Make sure you have enough haste to be able cast CH and HR inbetween roars, and get a BoP if possible to be able to spam heal with ascendance up.

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    1. BoP from a Paladin works.
    2. Chaining Devotion Auras from your palas
    3. Glyph of Riptide, keep it rolling.
    4. Ancestral Swiftness + UE + HR.
    5. SLT is awesome.
    6. RS and HST, free heals without casting.
    7. HTT

    Just talk to your healers about CD rotation. HTT is great and AS+Ascendance+UE+HR+SLT will net you insane numbers at the end when nobody can cast.

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    Couldn't conductivity work by weaving in Healing surges between roars? I know doing so would be mana intensive, but you wouldn't be spending much mana any other way.

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