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    Frenzied Crystal of Rage

    So i've just got this trinket in HCWF version and I am pissed off by it's usefulness. What is the purpose of this trinket when there are only maximum 3 encounter on the new instance where it's procc could worth anything?
    I used it yesterday on Spoils and the procc was very random. There was pulls where the cleave procc was my damage done's 5%, 10% or 2%. Biggest problem with this trinket that its total useless on single target fights because the procc only activates on offtargets.

    Can we expect any change to this trinket by a hotfix or something?
    What are your thoughts about it?

    If I could post on US forums I would start a topic there because Developers never read EU forums :/

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    Trinket is working as intented, its a cleave trinket,
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    Use the cleave trinket, on cleave fights.
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    I'd say 10% is pretty insane. Any logs with this trinket? (I tested this trinket on PTR, it was awful: 4-5 targets, 2-3% dmg, 50m, destro)

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    10% is more then the legendary cloak. cleve trinket is for cleve fights.

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