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    Since 4.3 Skada has undergone vast improvement, Recount I think is the same addon as it's been since 3.3. So.... that's that. Your "joke" as far as I see is almost the opposite from what I can tell though I think it's obvious that if you really want "in-depth analysis and min-maxing" you would be analyzing logs, not your damage meters (which are more intended to give quick feedback rather than detailed feedback). Skada at this point provides generally more information and better information than recount, the only thing it doesn't have is that graph "feature"
    I know that when I tried skada in 5.0 it did not display several core things that recount did, I even asked some people that had been using skada a lot how to fix it, and they did not know. Maybe they were not just that into the settings of skada I do not know, I definately have to give it a test in the future, kinda hard to give a definate verdict without having tried skada a lot.

    I have used recount since I can remember, it is true that skada has improved a lot, skada in WotLK was a pile of garbage, and in cata is was just bad. Maybe it is on-par or even better than recount now, I do not know. Atleast when I tried it I could not get proper functions out of it.

    Of course WoL is the best for in-depth analysis. We always viewed recount as a light weight in-game WoL. Recount suffices for quick check ups between pulls, stuff you can check while corpserunning, while WoL calls for some more time spent analyzing the data. Using both will yield the best result.

    What can you track with skada that recount does not track?

    Some issues I had with Skada (those that I can remember atleast, know I had more)

    Did not track as many fights as I want it to.
    Could not track ungrouped players
    No tracking for monsters that are neither hostile,neutral or friendly (a.k.a. mobs with no target/bars etc)
    Much worse pet tracking
    Much worse boss damage done/taken tracking
    Much worse add damage done/taken tracking
    No tracking at all for fire on the ground
    No death logs for adds, only for players

    I do not know how many of these things can be fixed with settings, I am by no means an adept skada user and I tried asking some players but honestly, 99% of players using either recount/skada does not know how to fully utilize them, so was probably asking the wrong people about it.
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    I know a lot of people myself included who do not have wow sounds on. So that's a somewhat moot point.
    As long as you have your master volume turned up you can turn down everything else (music, sound effects, ambiance) and still hear the warnings from most boss mod type addons.

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    TipTac (tooltips)
    PallyPower (yep, still exists)
    ActionBarSaver (used for swapping between 3 specs)
    GoGoMount (not tank related, but it picks a random mount each time you mount up)
    Hermes (raid cds)
    StrataFix (prevents most UI glitches when changing talents glyphs, although I don't know if thats an issue anymore)

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    CLC info
    Shadowed UF
    Tidy Plates
    Weak Auras

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    ElvUI (Base UI addon with so many features its now mandatory for me) - fully configured to my own style with multiple profiles for spec switching.
    ElvUI Addon Skins (skins pack to change to look of other addons in to an ElvUI style)
    DBM (Raiding boss mods addon. Mandatory)
    Skada (Dmg meter tool for analyzing fights on the fly)
    Weak Auras 2 (This addon should be mandatory for EVERYONE, its too good to not have)
    Atlasloot (Loot/gear addon for looking up gear drops from raids/dungeons, valor, justice, tiersets, pvp gear, crafting etc)
    Easymail (Simple addon for mailing adds buttons to fast retrieve large amounts of mail quickly)
    Omen (Threat meter for tanks)
    Reforgelite (Fast easy reforging you can set to your own parameters or use the presets for efficient optimal reforges of your gear)

    Think that's about it I do have a couple of other tiny quality of life addons for non raiding stuff like Mogit for browsing Transmog gear but nothing necessary for me to actually raid etc.

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    In terms of Recount or Skada, both are very viable. The only difference being that with recount it is easier to find valuable information for analysis for a new user. It's all there in Skada too, but navigating the addon to find that info is not as straight forward.

    For those who just want ePeen, I would recommend people use "Tiny DPS". You can check your damage or healing on that, and no more than that. It uses no memory at all, so it's also good for those on a low end PC.

    If you don't mind learning to use Skada, to figure out how to view things for analysis, I'd say it's definitely the choice (you will also notice that if you watch kill vids by Method/Paragon/Blood Legion and the likes, they tend to be using Skada too). While recount offers graphical analysis (which I like!), Skadas info display is ok too. Skada also uses less memory than recount overall, and allows you to have multiple windows at the same time, showing different things - it's quite possible to have your damage, healing, deaths, damage taken, CC and whatever meter at the same time.

    An interesting point to note, is that TinyDPS and Recount both record the same numbers, while Skada seems to provide different results to those 2. Skada, however, seems to show results closer to World of Logs.

    Yes, being a nerd, I spent around 8 hours on various characters at practice dummies and in LFR with all 3 meters open to test. If we assume that WoL is the most accurate, then Skada was the most accurate of the three (for Damage - I did not test healing or anything else).

    Back on topic!

    I use ElvUI (I've altered the default layout A LOT to make it more viable to raids - I was not very happy with the default tank layout, but that's just personal preference). I also have ElvUI AdditionalSkins and ElvUI DataTexts as plugins.
    WeakAuras 2 - learn to use this, it's an amazing addon when you know what you're doing with it.
    TellMeWhen - sometimes doing something in WeakAuras becomes over complicated, so I will use this in those cases, as it can be easier to set up certain things.
    BigWigs - I also use DBM, I switch between the two as the accuracy of timers can differ from boss to boss - BigWigs may be more accurate on one, while DBM is more accurate on the next!
    BloodLegion Cooldown - Tracking raid cooldowns - as a tank it's nice to know who has an external Cooldown that I can ask for. Hermes is another option for this.
    RSA - announce to the raid what you are doing and when you have used certain abilities.
    Death Note - check why people died!
    Decursive - see if you can quickly dispel something from the raid/ CC someone MC'd
    MiksScrollingBattleText - combat text!
    Omen Threat Meter - Optional addon. Not really needed these days with threat the way it is. It's handy on bosses where the 2 tanks MUST be #1 and #2 (such as garajal)
    Postal - for better mail management.
    ReforgeLite - use preset or custom stat weights to quickly reforge.
    _Cursor - adds graphics to your cursor to make it harder to lose track of - this is from WoWInterface dot com.
    stAddonManager - Enable/Disable addons without having to relog. Hit Escape and click Addons, then reload. This is from WoWInterface dot com.

    For additional fonts and textures:

    ShareMedia and ShareMedia_AdditionalFonts

    Possible extra addons to consider:

    OmniCC - adds countdowns to your abilities. Not needed if you're using ElvUI
    TidyPlates with ThreatPlates - I don't use these because... ElvUI has the options to do the same thing, really. But they're #1 if you're not using ElvUI. You might even consider disabling Elv name plates to use this.
    Simple Holy Power - A holy power tracker. Can't remember where I got this from.
    EventHorizon - I've used this once before and it was pretty good. It tracks your debuffs and such, on the target, in a pretty cool bar style. Not all that useful for paladin, but if you have some alts that would need to track things like poisons and self buffs, kinda cool!

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    I have a ton of addons but there are only a handful that I use that contribute to my gameplay.

    Bartender + Masque Renaitree + OmniCC
    Tidy Plates / Threat Plates
    Skada Threat/Heal/DPS
    wMarker (makes my life easier when I'm marking targets or ground locations)
    Herms (Tracks raid cooldowns)

    The rest of the addons I use are for graphical or to make my life a little easier.

    ArkInventory (bag addon)
    Shadowed Unit Frames
    AZCast Bar
    Reflux (Makes setup and recovery easy as well as for packaging my UI)

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    Satrina Buff Frames
    Chocolate Bar
    TidyPlates - ThreatPlates

    Paladin/Somewhat Paladin specific
    CLCRet - Because its easier than setting something like that up for my OS
    Action Bar Saver - Because playing all 3 specs would make me suicidal without it

    Lots more various mods, but they're not really related to combat performance in any way

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