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    Trinket Help (Boomy)

    Light of the Cosmos 2/2

    Relic of Yu'lon 2/2


    Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault 2/2

    Whats the best for a boomy? I've not played in a while so dunno if it changed the focus on stats (left before tot)

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    tbh.. it doesn't much matter when you are looking at trinkets that old... but LotC is best, then SPA is better then dmf b/c of ilvl only.
    in any case, you will replace those trinkets with ToT normal (some lfr), or SoO lfr/flex/normal trinkets as soon as you can.

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    The Shado-Pan Assault Trinket does alright by giving you a Haste Proc on roughly a 1 Min ICD (lines up with FON). Until you get the Legendary Meta Gem. Once you get the Legendary Meta Gem the Haste Proc on the Shado-Pan Assault Trinket is devalued as the Legendary Meta Gem is giving you 30% Haste constantly (around 40% uptime). I'm guessing you don't have the Legendary Meta Gem yet so go for Light of the Cosmos and the Shado-Pan Rep Trinket for now. Although as mentioned I'd replace the Shado-Pan Assault Trinket with any new Trinket as soon as you get one.

    Back when I did TOT progression last Tier I had a Thunderforged UVLS and Shado-Pan Assault Trinket. I degraded my Shado-Pan Assault Trinket back to Heroic Light of the Cosmos and noticed a great difference. The Elegon Trinket (Light of the Cosmos) was just so good from Tier 14 because it had around a 40% uptime along with offering static Haste you could reforge into Crit.

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