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    Difference between LFR and Flex (on a boss/boss basis)?

    As the title states, I'm looking for some advice on the biggest differences on the bosses when I step up from LFR to Flex. Haven't done any serious raiding since BC and early WotLK but I so want to get back into "the game", so Flex it is. If anyone can give me (and others) some advice on what's the biggest differences are per boss, I'd very much appreciate it. If the topic's been handled before, please show me in the right direction

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    Open the dungeon journal and check. The information is all there.

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    in flex you actually have to do the mechanics of the fight at least 50% of the time, it also depends on the gear people have if you are doing it with 540 average ilev across the raid you will pretty much roll through it no problem but with 505 ilev you will probably have to do the fight at least mostly right

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