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    Focus fire + Assurance of Consequence trinket

    How are people with the Assurance of Consequence trinket handling their focus fires?

    My Bestial wrath cooldown is now 41 seconds and If I use focus fire immediately after Bestial Wrath is over, I often only have 3 (maybe 4) stacks of focus fire by the time Bestial wrath is ready again. On some occasions I don't even hit 5 stacks of frenzy until about 10-15 seconds after Bestial Wrath ends and if I was to use Focus fire at this point i'd be going into the Next Bestial Wrath with 1 or 2 stacks of Frenzy.

    Should I just use focus fire immediately after bestial wrath regardless of how many stacks of frenzy my pet has ? Should I avoid using focus fire altogether... Should I maybe only use Focus fire after every other bestial wrath to ensure my pet always has 5 stacks of Frenzy during Bestial Wrath even though i'd reduce the uptime of the haste buff on myself ?

    I'm really not sure where the boundary is between leaving my pet on high stacks of frenzy during Bestial Wrath or giving my hunter more haste between the Bestial Wraths.

    Here's my armory:

    I'm currently reforged Crit > Haste. Maybe going Haste > Crit would allow the frenzy stacks to build up slightly quicker and help to alleviate the problem. I gain about 3% haste if I reforge Haste > Crit.
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    Using Focus fire with less than 5 stacks obviously means you're spending a gcd on a less potent spell than you could in the very near future. To put it in different words over the cource of a fight you're spending more GCD's for the same amount of frenzy stacks you receive. However using it on 4 stacks right after BW ends doesn't appear to be as bad as it sounds and is something that has piqued my interest. I am heavily suspecting though that if you try and hit the button on 3 stacks or below we're entering the "you really shouldn't do this" category.

    About when to use it or leave it is all the way up to you because of the RNG nature of frenzy stacks. Disabling Focus Fire (5 stacks) in the rotation in sims is a major dps loss so I'm assuming putting more emphasis on the haste buff between BW's is more valuable than making sure you have high frenzy stacks during BW.

    If you can make use of the first 10 seconds of BW downtime to build the last one or two stacks I suspect that's worth having 1-2 less stacks open during BW. After that It would become a tossup between using FF on 4 stacks for 20 seconds or on 5 and take some overlap with BW for granted...
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    i dont think you supose to cast it with less than 5 stacks, like wildspeaker told you already you are spending more gcds and getting weaker versions of the spell. im using rapid fire on cd because 2pc is pretty good along with Assurance trinket. i get 45 sec rapid fires and sit almost always on focus fire until rapid fire is done. once you get 2pc you should always cast rapid fire before focus fire even if it mean you are going to sit at 5 stacks of frenzy for extra 15 seconds.

    if you still dont have 2pc then yeah you should give priority to focus fire because you want to maximize the uptime on it and after that use your rapid fire. never use both at the same time because cobra shot drops to bellow 1sec cast time.

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    Ye don't have 2 piece due to my own generosity.. Won shoulders and legs but decided to let our warrior tank have them as he was in 522 ish gear due to taking a break.

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    But you still get more autoshots, more pet melee focus regen and hits and more hunter regen, thought BMs all about stacking CDs

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    I wouldn't even use it at four stacks; use it between BWs and try to bleed out focus so you're capitalizing on FF, since if you do it that way, you'll be hardcasting cobras with it up. Don't expect to have full frenzy stacks going into BW every time, because you won't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Windthorn View Post
    But you still get more autoshots, more pet melee focus regen and hits and more hunter regen, thought BMs all about stacking CDs
    and how many gcd this would cost you, at what gain?

    because if this dosnt outweight an arcane shot you are def better by firing an arcane shot.

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    Could macro focus fire to rapid fire and other shots as it's of gcd

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