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    A Question for 2H Frost.

    Im asking this as im just wondering. Would mastery stacking be a viable stat reforging for 2h frost? I currently have 63% mastery (14254 rating) and 61% Haste 5643 rating. Im 541 ilvl atm and heres my armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...arandra/simple

    So would mastery be a viable option for me?

    Also as another trinket i have the SPA trinket 530 ilvl. Which which be better of the 3? Spark vs Feather vs Shado-Pan

    Edit: My armory is showing a tanking helm on. My real helmet is a timeless 535 one with 1498 mastery. Legendary meta gem for dps is in that
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    1. You're better off simming yourself than asking in general. Granted with that much Mastery you may as well go Dual Wield.

    2. Spark is garbage plain and simple: Feather > SPA > Spark

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