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    Possible AoE grip taunt bug.

    Hi fellow Dk's.

    I have progressed in SoO the last few days, and I have noticed sometimes when using AoE grip to gather adds or just as a 2nd grip, I gain aggro on mobs affected by the grip (Even bosses). My theory is that it happens if I use it just after a single taunt. Not sure, as that way of triggering it does not seem consistent.

    I would like to ask everyone else if you noticed simular AoE taunt happening after 5.4 launch. Mainly because it could be very usefull if you could trigger it at will, but also because sometimes taunting the boss is pretty bad. Thoughts?

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    Never experienced this in the past or since patch 5.4 hit.. dunno what to say to be quite honest lol

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    There's definitely something fishy going on with Gorefiend's Grasp, yeah.

    I noticed I can actually "grip" people a bit. Well, not exactly, but when they're running in a direction and I'm like, just behind them, using GG will make them change their direction. It's kinda hard to explain, but it does work.

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