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    Grid2 priority debuffs


    Recently switched over from grid to grid2 and cannot find where you change the priority for each debuff I have gone through everything and cannot find it anywhere can some help me please?


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    To have something at a higher priority, you have to use the "Copy to Debuffs" button (In the Statuses -> Debuffs -> Raid Debuffs menu) for that specific debuff you are looking for. Then go to Indicators -> select the Indicator that displays your Raid Debuffs (icon-center or something like that, whereever you put them), and enable that debuff there seperately. Then make sure it's higher in the list than "Raid Debuffs" so that it actually has higher priority.

    It's not really the most convenient implementation, but I find that generally there aren't too many debuffs that need to have higher priority than everything else.

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