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    Macro for the resto shroom


    can't find that post
    somebody mentioned there's a macro that allows you to place your mushroom either on the ground or if you click on the raid frame - on that person...
    i kinda would like to be flexible to be able to use either depending on the situation, anyone got that macro?

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    To place the mushroom on the ground you have to take the glyph which brings back the green targeting circle. If you don't use the glyph your mushroom is always cast on your current target/mouseover/focus or whatever you choose in your healing macro. You can't have the functionality of both at the same time...
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    Unless by "on the ground" you mean on the ground underneath you, the player? Is that what you meant?

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    As was mentioned by Babuka, this functionality is in fact the Glyph of the sprouting mushroom allowing your shrooms to be placed anywhere without a target. However, you could also use a mouseover macro to place the shrooms on your current mouseover target:
    #showtooltip Wild Mushroom
    /use [@mouseover] Wild Mushroom
    EDIT: Note that the glyph is a minor glyph so will not affect any of your major ones

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