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    Gear up after change spec

    At first I want to tell you, that i didn't know where to write this topic. I could write it in my class section, but what if someone has the same problem with another class? It doesn't depend on class, so I'm writing it here.
    And second important thing: Short version is on end of the post, if you don't want to read it all, but want to help me.

    What is my situation:
    First and important thing, I am not pro player and don't know too much about game.
    I liked to heal on dungeons, so my spec was holy(paladin class).
    While I was leveling it was little harder to kill mobs on heal then dps or tank spec. But it was easy and fast enough that I didn't cared and just leveled as healer. And now on level 85+ leveling is slower and harder. And second thing, I want some gear for transmogrification, so I went to molten core and was thinking I went to some another places later. But as heal it was slow, and sometimes impossible to do some bosses, those looks easy, I can stand on them and healing myself slowly for hours, but my dps don't even beat their healing... So i decided to switch to tank and see what i can do, but in heal tank it was even worse(don't laugh at me, I just wanted to chech this )
    And my question is:
    How to get gear for another spec while I want to change it while leveling(85-90)? And how to get gear for 2 specs at once? Is this even possible(I want to have possibility to change my spec on dungeons(heal) and leveling/farming(tank/dps))?
    My ideas:
    - Go to dungeons as tank/dps and get gear - but its impossible to tank in heal gear, so I don't even try.
    - Get some honor points etc and buy equipment for that - but it takes some time, and I don't want to do that now.
    - It was one npc with fair gear for level 80 for every spec for few gold, maybe there is some for level 85? - I have no idea :P
    - Finish leveling in heal class and then problem will don't exist? - But its hard and slow... or maybe I'm wrong and in any spec leveling will be so slow? But man... 10 hits to kill one single mob on quest(110k hp, 10k hits)? And anyway I would need gear to gather some trans gear and farming, so I would have to gear up as at 90 as now...

    Short Version
    I want to switch from heal to tank/dps for leveling time(I'm now 85).
    How to do it easy and fast?
    I am holy paladin now.
    If its possible how to get gear for 2 specs while leveling? - I'm not leveling fast, and I want to heal on dungeons while leveling by tank/dps...

    Wow my problem could be written in few words, but this post is little long, don't you think?
    Anyway, any advices will be great. I just want to catch some fun on playing, thats all.

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    you can set your loot specilization to ret/prot if you do quests. and there is gear vendors in all zones (MoP) that sells Green items for
    Holy etc

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    Loot spec? How to change it? And will it work with dungeons?
    And what spec is better for leveling? Prot or Ret? I prefer prot, I used to be prot before for few levels, and I don't like Ret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Achaos View Post
    Loot spec? How to change it? And will it work with dungeons?
    And what spec is better for leveling? Prot or Ret? I prefer prot, I used to be prot before for few levels, and I don't like Ret.
    If you like Prot better, play Prot. Questing might be a little slower in some cases, but it's a game, have fun.

    To set your loot specialization, right-click on your character portrait. Loot specialization should be included in the drop down menu there.

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    Its not fun while you have 3-4k dps and mobs have like 135k+ health... Anyway, thanks for help. I will do some quests, switch spec, and then see if my dps get better.
    I'm trying also looking for npc with items in jade forest, but I can't find :/
    THanks for help everyone

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    With Timeless Isle your problems are basically solved at 90 and quickly.

    First step is go to one of these vendors: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=62737#comments:id=1723350 and buy the set for the spec you want to quest as (probably tank or dps), then quest in Pandaria till you ding 90 (this is much, much faster than dungeons). Second, get your ass to Mars... I mean get a guildie to fly you to the flight trainer in the Valley of Four Winds, then go talk to Chromie. He'll get you to the Timeless Isle and there the ilvl 497 gear will fall like rain. Check the various guides on here or google "in-depth guide to timeless isle treasure" and you'll find a guide on these very forums. Just loot those chests. Kill some mobs, and swim in the gear. You can also use these items to gear up multiple specs as your bags will fill with 2-3 sets of basic gear items.
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    Thanks! Got some gear from gear vendor, item lvl +60 after that! Its now nice. Later maybe I would go to timeless isle
    Now want to get 90, get rep to Order of the Cloud Serpent and do some panthers <lol>

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