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    How much health does each staming point gives?

    I want to level a new warrior , and I don't know what enchant to take
    Enchant chest major stmaina which gives 11 stamina , to 1-60
    Enchant Chest - Exceptional Health which gives 112 health
    what would be better choice?

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    Stamina provides 1 health per stamina for the first 20 points of stamina, and 14 health per point of stamina thereafter.

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    I'm pretty sure it's 10 HP per 1 stamina across all classes.
    Used to be was changed to 14 with the cataclysm prepatch (4.0)
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    It boggles my mind how you managed to misspell 'stamina' TWICE before finally getting it right.

    I'm pretty sure it's 10 HP per 1 stamina across all classes. Could be wrong. Used to be at least. Go with whichever the current one is...+300? Something like that. It will scale, you will get lots of HP as you level. For 1-60, sure, the Exceptional health will give you all of 2 stam more (+20 HP), but it doesn't scale as well.

    Edit: Beat to it. Cool that it got buffed a bit, 14 per stam is really nice!
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    Should be ~ the same, but the stam would give more health.

    Then again, it's 11 stam or 100 health. Who cares?

    In the time you have thought about this already, you could have been level 10.

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    All enchants scale now, so I'd choose the best max level enchant for chest, and it'll scale as you level.

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    Here is the amount of health you will get from stamina at all level : 14*(stam-19)+6

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