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    Prot warrior weapon enchant

    So with recent changes with Riposte i was curious as to which enchant is more beneficial for dps and survivability now.Are we still running with dancing steel or can river song be the better enchant?

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    i think it was something along the lines of after a certain IL RS was better or something. don't know when it was though
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    I'm using River's Song at the moment.

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    Using Dancing Steel for now, but still in the process of changing gear in SoO to maximize for a nice avoidance set, if thats done ill try River's Song again.
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    Now that we have Riposte, River's Song sims out to be (a bit) better for damage and mitigation.

    The difference is rather marginal, so it is still ok yet not ideal to use Dancing Steel if you for example use your weapon also in a DPS offspec.
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    Those going for max Riposte, remember it only comes from avoidance rating, not from strength.

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    river's song definitely. Used to be dancing steel but with the new riposte mechanic, would be crazy not to go with the extra avoidance, even if it is just a proc.

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    I worked this out in another thread, past 50k vengeance in SoO Gear River's Song will net you more DPS

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    Thanks friends.

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