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    It's not elitist at all, Blizz themself stated that the content is tuned for people having the cloak.
    Probably the reason why the only (?) cloaks are trashdrops, instead of bossloot.
    There's no cloaks on trash and lots of them on boss loot. More cloaks than some other much more important slots actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemanaleft View Post
    simple solution, if a player has the cloak make it impossible for them to receive a cloak from a token roll. cloaks will still drop normally from a boss
    This. The only token drops our raid has gotten have been cloaks. That's not even shardable, it's vendor gold.

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    Well. Got my third cloak from a coin roll.


    Seriously, smart loot? Would be nice if it didn't drop the same thing three weeks in a row.

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