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    Loot from World Boss


    im wondering, is the drop chance for tier so much higher then pvp items on world bosses?

    In 5.4 im doing the celestials on 4 chars for pvp loot. So far i have 5 Pve gloves, 2 pve legs and 1 grivious neck.

    It was the same before for SHA and Nalak, i had pve 2 set on all pvp chars while i pretty much never got some pvp loot.

    I thought its 2 PVE vs 11 PVP drops...how can i get so much PVE loot all the time? OFC its could be just "badluck" (i /de all) but after its repeating trough whole MoP i start to doubt it. Its a little frustrating because getting those marks for the extra roll is a pain in the ass even when it takes only like 30 mins. But then like last week on my monk i win PVE gloves and use roll and win PVE Gloves ...

    Any1 having the same "problem"?

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    Wouldn't surprise me if it was balanced in such a way that you have about a 50/50 chance to get either a PVE piece or a PVP piece, but with PVE providing 2 pieces and PVP providing 11.

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    yeah, it's pretty much a free set of tier gloves / legs pve for alts and people who don't raid much (90% sure that on the auto roll it gives a bonus for this, as further strengthened by your chars also getting so many tier pieces, where as heroic raid geared have a very low chance to get them, which is a really good thing imo). It would make sense that the drop rate for grievous would be lower also, so that lucky players wouldn't pull too far ahead too quickly in the season.

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