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    Wowlaunch.com Down?

    Has anyone heard about the wowlaunch.com outtage?

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    My guild's site is up right now. Guildlaunch.com is working as well. What page isn't loading for you?

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    My guild site: http://darktide.wowlaunch.com/

    I googled it, and it seems others are having the same issue. I didn't know if it had maintenance or something, or if something more nefarious happened.

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    Oh Good. I am not alone.

    onemorego.wowlaunch.com is down as well. Guess they are having issues of sorts but hopefully they will be back soon.

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    Been getting some weird issues as well, any wowlaunch.com site i visit just shows a blank and i can't really figure out if its on my end or not.

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    I'm still having issues with the site. Has it cleared up for anyone? They made a post on their forum that they had some DNS issues on Sunday but it's been cleared up. However, it's still blank for me :P

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