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    Galakras Heroic p2 10man

    So...we tried this boss today and wiped all evening.

    p1 is not a problem, but p2 is. We get the boss down to about 50 million HP and then we wipe, and i guess its the healers. Our damagedealers are all about 290-310kDPS, but our Healers are at 120 HPS even though there is so much fucking raiddamage.

    We have 2 camps and every camp takes 3 stacks of the debuff, then the orb goes into the othe camp. We also coordinated our raidcooldowns, but at about 50 million HP we run out of Raidcooldowns and the raid just simply dies.

    Healers are Disc and Restoshaman. Sadly no logs, bugged.

    So...what exactly is the problem here? Our Raid is ilvl 550, we got not a single item upgrade since t16 because every boss dropped plate and we dont have any plate DD´s (not kidding).
    Is the DMG too low or our healing?

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    Since you seem to struggle with healing but not with damage have you thought about using 3 healers? We killed it today after merely 8 pulls, so I'd say maybe test if you still can handle the waves with a 3heal setup.

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    Make sure that your 2 camps are close enough to both stand in healing rain. Delay some of your raidcooldowns, if you hero upon entering p2 you probably don't need any cooldowns there. Try to only take 2 stacks instead of 3. Other than that it pretty much just comes down to mana management. I don't think the gear is the problem, personally I haven't got a single piece of loot from SoO (and I'm 7/14)

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    Our alt 10 man healers pull 160k there, probably them. 11/14h 25 man - 10/14h man

    edit: damage sounds fine.

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    120k doesnt say much tbh. The first 10 min of the encounter the damage isn't high enough to do any more healing than that. 120k during p2 alone won't cut it. I bet you will see a jump in the healing numbers at the end of p2.

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    Dont bl as soon as galakras comes down, coordinate raid cds better. All that can be done really. Holy priests are probably better in p2.

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