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    Nazgrim 10m normal tips

    So, my raid group had a really hard time with Galakras (more than 25 wipes), after that we've 1st pulled Iron Juggernaut and 3rd pulled Dark Shamans (was a bit hard, but still)
    But tomorrow we go after Nazgrim and I am not looking forward to this fight.
    We had like 5 wipes on Flex mode and I didn't like that fight at all.
    Can anyone give us a few advices about this boss?
    Like, when the boss is 30%, should we just BL and try to kill him?
    Should we save bloodlust till his second Berserker Stance?
    If he has like 10% health, but in Defencive Stance, should we still try to finish him?
    During the Battle Stance, how many players should stay on the boss? And during Bers. Stance, should everyone attack the boss, or someone should stay on adds?
    Our raid comp. is:
    Blood DK
    Prot Pala
    Mist Monk
    Resto Shaman
    Disc Priest
    Destro Warlock
    Demo Warlock
    Feral Druid


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    Hehe we had a similar experience to you last week. Wasted two and a half hours (well FELT like we were wasting time) trying galakras only to two shot it the following day. Then 1 wipes on iron juggernaut (people too eager to dps and take risks in 2nd phase with the stupidly generous enrage) and three wipes on dark shamans... I feel your pain on that front but we didn't find nazgrim that bad.

    Theres a couple of tips we only clarified this week which will probably help. Firstly, despite what a lot of people say the 10% adds are really what the dungeon journal says it is. Its just one extra wave, not like a constant stream of adds from 10% until he dies like some people have been saying (no idea if you've come across this misinformation). The other thing is, as you come up to the enrage, he literally stops spawning adds. I think, and im not 100% sure of the exatitude of this), he spawns a wave of adds just prior to going into defensive stance for the last time (when that ends he goes into battle stance until just prior to the enrage so the last chance to get him). So there is a bit of a dead zone in the last two minutes of the fight where there aren't any adds spawning unless you take him to 10% and spawn the bonus wave.

    My advice firstly would be to NEVER take him to 10% when you're already dealing with another wave of adds. The enrage time is very generous even accounting for all the dead zones if you dont touch him during defensive. We could easily kill him long before he enraged but we took it easy this week, we had him at about 12% on the last lot of adds ever (two minutes before the enrage). Then let the tanks take him over to 10% in his last defensive stance which gave us something to do when the adds spawned as opposed to sitting on our hands waiting for defensive to end. Tanks took him to 8% by time defensive end and we just finished him off. If you're not willing to take it easy or your dps is that good, just make sure you don't take him to 10% in such a way as you have one of his normal spawns up at the same time.

    As for add control... we pretty much just had our tanks chain stun the ironblades ontop of the boss and let them be cleaved down with the boss. Everything else goes down easy, just ALWAYS hammer those warshamans asap and make sure noone decides to do something smart (stupid) with the assassins. Just take the melee to the face and be healed, turning your back to them for an instant will just get them backstabbed and dead. The adds in general aren't that deadly. About 5 minutes into the fight until the boss stops spawning adds period at his last defensive stance you'll see three adds start spawn as opposed to two (on 10 man no idea about 25 man) but these aren't hugely more difficult to deal with. If you made it this far I can't imagine your dps will struggle with the enrage even if you sit on your hands during defensive as we do. I'm not sure about nuking through defensive. Its possible thats something you can do at the very end if you feel you're pushing at the enrage, will still have to deal with the 10% add wave anyway. Just your absolutely guaranteed to get ravagers going if you pew the boss during defensive, whether its one person full time pewing or the entire raid I think his rage is capped at 3 a sec from it either way, so either dont dps or go all in. So I sincerly wouldn't recommend doing it at all unless on that last defensive you're pushing up against the enrage. Might get 3 or 4 ravagers then but when the adds stop spawning and its a decently big room might be able to just shift the boss about. If you pew through earlier defensives... youll get loads and while I havn't seen how bad that can be (most we had was one ravager and it was barely noticeable) I imagine it could get dicey.

    Hope this wall o text and a half was of use
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    You'll most likely end up anywhere between 15-25% when he starts his third berserker stance, at which point you only CC or kill shamans and then just focus down the boss, likely through defensive stance as well. At that point the defensive stance doesn't matter, since it doesn't prevent him from dying.

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    Don't sweat it too much imo, it's probably one of the easiest bosses in there. I'd definitly recommend dropping a healer though. Just don't dps through defensive stance at all except for tanks (yes that means focus adds and/or twiddle thumbs). Shaman adds have prio over everything, make sure they don't come close to boss and interrupt them. Bloodlust would definitly keep for the very end, he spawns extra adds at 10% so you just want to burn at that point (while still keeping shamans away from boss by off-tank). If he would end up in defensive stance near end, you can burn through it since it won't matter much but ideally you don't want that to happen.

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    We've one shot him (being overgeared and all) on normal both times we've killed him, though for our process when it comes to 10%:

    We make sure not to push 10% during/just before a defensive, if we start getting close during zerker we simply stop DPS early and deal with adds. This week he was at 18% when def stance begun, us tanks twiddled him down to 12% and then as soon as Battle started we did a tank swap and popped lust and he was dead in about 20 seconds. The add offtank at the time just has to rush out and get as much snap aggro going as possible.

    Our first kill was burned from 10% all through defensive and it was fairly messy, more time for the offtank to start struggling with the bonus adds and he is able to get a couple of ravagers out, much better to just gauge how you're going during each stance and make sure that defensive doesn't interfere with the final 10%.

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    We went 2tanks 2 healers 6 dps. TAnk Nazgrim in the opposite side of the adds spawn. Prioritize Shaman > Mage > Rogue > Warrior > Nazgrim. NOONE should hit Nazgrim on defensive stance. Lust at start with prepot and trinkets. Tell people to save dps cds after 40% and burn last 10% with second pot (we did it in defensive but you may want to wait). Just be sure shaman doesnt cast and the totem is away from the boss.

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    We weren't sure if this was a bug or not but after he spawns that bonus wave at 10% he doesn't seem to spawn anymore adds.

    We got the boss to 12% when he entered defensive stance so we decided to wait till he got back to battle stance to Hero + ignore adds. Our tank I guess didn't listen and managed to put him below 10% while a wave had just spawned so we killed both the regular wave and the extra 10% health wave. After we killed all the adds we focused the boss and was very surprised that nothing else spawned (even when the adds timer came up).

    Like I said it might've been a bug and if anyone else can confirm/deny it would be nice, but it seems once you hit 10% mark he automatically spawns 1 final wave of 4 mobs and that's it.

    As for the OP, control the adds then boss, pretty much what everyone has been saying. Focus the shaman (and totem), then banner then adds, mages and assassins before the twirly guys. Don't attack during defensive stance, and don't go sub 10% during defensive stance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raone View Post
    As for the OP, control the adds then boss, pretty much what everyone has been saying. Focus the shaman (and totem), then banner then adds, mages and assassins before the twirly guys. Don't attack during defensive stance, and don't go sub 10% during defensive stance.
    Taking him to 10% during defensive stance is absolutely fine. Its just one additional wave, not a stream of adds afterwards. Just don't take him to 10% during another add wave. Considering the last two minutes of the fight he stops spawning his normal waves theres planet of wiggle room there. If you were saying not to dps during defensive stance period I can agree with that. Just if people get to that last defensive stance and the boss is at 11%, no point freaking out about having tanks stop dps for fear of taking him over. In fact that's sort of ideal. Since adds stop spawning period at the last defensive stance onwards, dealing with the 10% wave gives people something to do while waiting for that defensive stance to end.

    EDIT: Just reread your post. As I mentioned in my wall of text a few posts up. Its not a bug that the boss stops spawning adds. Just prior to the last defensive stance (around two minutes prior to the enrage) he stops spawning adds period. Now THAT may be a bug in itself but I think its just meant to give you wiggle room to finish him off. But its got nothing to do with taking him to 10%. As the dungeon journal says its just one additional wave he'll spawn at 10%, so long as that wave doesn't overlap with an earlier wave if your dps is that good there should be zero problems.

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