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    Arena map changes ????

    did some arena last night for lols as I aint played in months since getting full tyran gear... I noticed on a few maps i.e dala sewers and the one with the bridge and ramps and 2 pillars that blizz have altered the layout of them, they've added steps to the corners on dala sewer, bridged the gap between pillars on the bridge etc etc and I thought that this is a bit shit tbh imo...

    I was just wondering why blizz have done this now after all this time???? id be pretty pissed if I was playing arena full time like I was before.. im confused.. this is bollocks right??? are these changes for the LFR crew who want easy arena or what??? or does it improve the gameplay in arena for all you arena goers ??? thoughts pls... cheers

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    There were balancing issues that favored playstyle's that wasn't intended for the game or arena. These changes are very much welcomed by the PvP community and something that was LOOOOONG asked for.

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    Those arena's were introduced into the game before everyone and their mother had knock backs. It improves game play and makes arena's more interesting then knocking people off the top on Blade's Edge and pew pewing while they crawl back to you.
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    It's a sort of balancing issue. Those maps had some major exploits for classes that had knockbacks and teleports. Locks and MW monks could troll all day by teleporting back up while melee took a week to run back around. Rinse and repeat.

    Shamans, druids, and hunters could force players down and rain hell with minimal consequences.

    With the changes players can cut people off and the lower level no longer functions as much of a "game over" zone.

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