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    So, after seeing a post that Paragon wiped 195 times before downing a boss it got me to thinking, how many times would you or your guild be willing to do that in the name of progression? It's always kinda made me laugh at guilds or pugs that get discouraged after 3, 5 or 10 wipes and just give up. I can't imagine the frustration in wiping on a boss nearly 200 times.

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    As many as it takes using a good strat. Thats what progression raiding is?
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    Depends. In one night? Maybe 10-20 times. In general? However long it takes. We took about 40 attempts to down Lei Shen on normal over a couple of weeks.
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    200 seems quit abit for a non-end boss. For an end-boss on heroic 200 seems like way to little trough, unless it was another Deathwing, where the boss before (spine) was harder.

    Personally I'd think 150 is what Id like the most, after having tried wiping 300+ times on HC ragnaros. But it also depends on what guild you are inn - Back then we wiped cause the guild members I was raiding with just plain sucked, witch is what makes wiping annoying...If it was because off a) lack of gear or b) getting used to mechanics, wiping woulden't be to bad, but when people fail at dancing, running or kiting meteor to often after so many wipes.....
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    We had about 30 wipes on Dark Animus HC, 3 days a week, for a bit less than 2 weeks before killing him, and never did I get tired of it. So whatever it takes to kill a boss.

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    About 30 per week - get better gear, and try again.

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    i remember doing 120 wipes on the lich king - over the course of about a month, more than 10-15 wipes a night and everybody got very tired and irritable.

    most of those were caused by 1 unbelieveably fail hunter, but due to lack of active raiders at the time, we had no better option to fill our 10 man raid group. we got him eventually, but my god, how many wipes does it take for someone to learn

    A. run to the tank when you have the DoT
    B. move from defile

    he was also one of those kind of raiders thats absolutely lovely to everyone (except when it came to hunter loot, which was everything at the time), however, he can't play for shit.

    we finally got rid of him a couple months back - nobody had the heart to kick him, besides he did more fishing than anyone else in the guild ever did and constantly supplied it with mats for everything you could think of, yet he always managed to stand in fire.
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    We did 300+ wipes on hc Alakir, it was very very draining. We also had 50-100 wipes on various other hc bosses back in T11. Would not go back to progression raiding, I no longer have the patience for this.

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    Animus HC - 140ish wipes
    Lei Shen HC - 200 wipes

    Just makes the kill more satisfying when you get it! However it took us about 70 wipes to kill garrosh normal and this is not a case of more wipes making a more satisfying kill as I know we could've killed it long before that.

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    I had like 300 wipes on Lei Shen 25H (and many more from the farming ), but if you like the fight & raiding it's not really bothering.

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    We had over 200 wipes on heroic lei shen. Worst is we got him to 1% after 70 wipes :P

    I think it "bothered" people in some ways but people kept their humour and kept chipping away at it. I don't find wipes frustrating with my guild since I know people play at about the same level and are all trying.

    What I do mind is when I raid with other people and they do stupid fucking shit. Case in point, some people I know still haven't killed lei shen normal as a guild. I went with them last night and catching bouncing bolts is hard! We had a 300k wipe where a ret pally was the last man standing. All he had to do was bubble and tickle the boss but he died and blamed lag. *rage* :P

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    Ill do thousands of wipes if it actually is helping.

    Wipe after wipe because player X stand in the fire isn't fun and will stop pretty fast.

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    If there are more than 3 wipes I'll just leave and requeue to be honest.

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    I had over 300 wipes on M'uru in TBC and got it pre 3.0. That's just what progression raiding is all about.

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    About 200 on Spine, probably shouldn't have needed that many but it was over summer so I don't think we were able to get the same team together twice in a row for about 2 months. Overall, it depends on the group you're with and how prepared they are to keep pushing at it and whether you're actually making progress on it.

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    130 odd on Lei Shen, was great
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    Lost track on how many times we wiped on Muru in TBC, then lost count on how many wipes while going firefighter in Ulduar and god knows what else, think the worst for me was Lady Vash though in TBC, what a bitch she was lol.

    I always laugh at people who leave after 3-4 wipes.

    Hell back when I used to raid hardcore I just didn't care, gotta wipe if you want to progress , but we kept our spirits high over teamspeak , had a giggle and a banter while running back to try again....and again....and again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psynyx View Post
    So, after seeing a post that Paragon wiped 195 times before downing a boss it got me to thinking, how many times would you or your guild be willing to do that in the name of progression? It's always kinda made me laugh at guilds or pugs that get discouraged after 3, 5 or 10 wipes and just give up. I can't imagine the frustration in wiping on a boss nearly 200 times.
    As long as I see progress I wouldn't mind wiping 800 times. If I start thinking it's not doable with this group or we wipe over and over because of very stupid mistakes then I get frustrated.
    I hate it when my group gives up and just comes back with more gear. Where is the fun in that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paq View Post
    I always laugh at people who leave after 3-4 wipes.
    Same as laughing at people who wait for a ress while it is only 10 seconds of walking back nowadays.

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    Mid BC I was in a very average raiding guild. We had a great leader and nice people, but a lot of those nice people weren't that good players. Kael pre and post nerfs almost tore the guild apart, must have been hundreds of wipes there, mostly due to just obvious failures. For me, personally, Archimonde wiping (even though we did less of it than Kael wiping) was way worse. I played a shadow priest as did our priest class lead and he kept dying to the freaking flames and complaining that it was almost impossible to not die as shadow due to short range on MF.

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    had a fraction over 300 attempts on rag hc 10man before killing him PRE NERF !!!!,, lots of those were silly wipes tho due to boredom or bad RnG etc etc,, great fun times tho. for a semi hardcore guild that raided 2 sometimes 3 nights a week and only missing out on the realm first by a couple of days to the guild that was No.1 since the realm began was awesome times idd (even if they did have to go 10 man for that boss to get it lol, cheaty fukks haha) and got us all recognised as gods on our realm for a while lol.. sadly my old guild is gone and the guild that was no1 for so long has gone too and I gave up raiding at the start of DS... I miss the them progression days...

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