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    It depends what boss it is on. If it is something like Heroic Ragnaros or Lich King, I would still enjoy the attempts after a few hundred. If it was on a boss like Spine of Deathwing or Lord Rhyolith, I would probably be bored and frustrated after about 50.

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    As a casual raider, well..
    If after 5 wipes there are no signs of a chance to kill the boss - I quit.
    Else I'm willing to between 15 and 20 tries in total. If this doesn't bring us any closer to killing the boss, we should rather do previous tier raid and gear up a bit.
    Per day of course.

    I would rather study than wipe all-night long.

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    Elegon Normal took my group around 57 wipes IIRC, and Garalon took another 50 or so, and at that point most people's patience was breaking. I think anything above 100 would really start breaking me down though.

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    Depends really, when you wipe are you progressing further in the fight then the previous wipe? If you are making improvements I'd stay until I can no longer stay awake, if you are doing worse or not improving then it's time to stop. No one likes bashing their head into a wall.

    What I would like to know is how many of those wipes were less then 10% health, cause those ones get to me. How many were pulling before the group was ready (misclicks, body pull getting too close, etc) those happen to everyone. Was it enrage timer? Or just plain HARD?

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    200 wipes for Lei Shen HC, Another 100 to try and kill him the second time and we were just burnt out.

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