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    Rogue PvP 5.4 - which spec?

    What is the most effective spec?

    Currently full tyrannical geared I feel pretty weak as subtlety, I have a lot of tools but not much damage.

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    I'm also playing currently Subtlety and I think going max Crit with Grievous gear will be good idea.
    Right now I'm feeling kinda weak, though we have "many tools", I'm feeling that they're useless vs warrior damage.

    Not sure about Assassination, haven't tried it yet. But many people are talking it's great spec, I'm pretty sure I'll check it on the arenas.

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    I tried assassination earlier and the damage was good but energy regen felt slow as hell.

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    Tried Assassination tonight. It's just awesome, at least for me.

    Subtlety in term of damage cannot be compared to Assassination.
    I'll stay with it I think, Subtlety is too weak.

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    I've heard multiple high-ranked streamers suggest that Assassination right now, then Sub when your gear is "current"... Not sure exactly what evidence they have to support it, just echoing their thoughts.

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