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    Question Feral form in with the Albatross Taxi

    Hi guys!

    I'm having a issue when im at feral spec and take the Albatross I simple cant do feral dmg, its normal? or its something with my UI?

    Well, i think its not UI because my bar changes to none form...and i can only do some caster spells.

    Does any other feral up here got the same problem?


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    It's not just you. No one can shift forms the normal way on the albatrosses. You can shift by using an ability that forces a shift like dash.

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    Tks Orphen, also nice to know that Blizz after all thoose resets dont fix this freakin bug!

    Cheers! and tks for the tip also!

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    Same for bears, you just need to use an ability that forces the shape-shift then you are good to go

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    Bear Hug will pop you into Bear, and Dash should pop you into Cat (I can confirm Bear Hug works as a tank for me).

    I had a right strop at the weekend about this to my other half. I was casting wrath, doing awful damage and had to go around nearly twice before someone saved me and killed the bird for me! But then, Someone suggested bear hug on my next go, and It worked

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    stealth will shift you into cat and you can then unstealth or just stay that way until it's time to attack. That's what I do.

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    O.O zomg this should be fixed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthyew View Post
    O.O zomg this should be fixed
    should be fixed indeed
    but until then we are at least able to shift with dash/bearhug like previously mentioned

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    Stampeding Roar too. Displacer beast doesn't work sadly ;(

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