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    In the start of the season when all were QQ-ing about warriors are OP, the warriors told us to just wait when all are full Gievious casue Warrior scale so poor with gear compared to other classes.

    So now when ppl are in almost full grievious we check again aaaand , well fuck

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    "Moonkin's will be alot better when they are in full grievous"
    JK - only spec as of right now on US to not have 2.2k
    Even spriests have a few 2.2k's +

    I love when people try to act like they know stuff but they are just so wrong.
    Mage's were strong start of season - Ice lance buff = too strong now
    Warrior's were too strong to begin with - If blizz listened to anyone on the PTR we wouldn't have this issue.

    Btw - why did mage's get a hotfix to buff ice lance by 20% LITERALLY a few days after mage's were complaining? It's been more than like a month for moonkin's, why don't we get a hotfix - Oh that's right, because mage's are a "staple" of PvP and also PvE and also RBG's 2s 3s 5s. What if for one season, Mage's weren't strong? JUST one season out of the 14 we've had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garian View Post
    Knowing Blizzard, I guess this will be the norm until the next expansion. Hopefully they remove the debuff from 2v2 though.
    Knowing Blizzard, pvp balance will never exist on arena, just because they want ppl to swap/create/roll new characters and stay in game as longer as its possible. All this "can't balance due to PvE priority" is just pathetic nonsense. I really hope TeS will give them a real kick especially if they start support sort of arena PvP. Pure business

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    Pretty much everyone is full grievous now.

    US 2200 +

    Druid restoration = 26
    Druid Balance = 1
    Druid Feral = 15

    Arcane Mages = 1
    Fire mages = 0
    Frost mages = 44

    Unholy Death knights = 8
    Frost Death knights = 0
    Blood Death knights = 0

    Hunter beast mastery = 1
    Hunter Marksmanship = 36
    Hunter Survival = 2

    Rogue Subtlety = 26 (also rank 1)
    Rogue Assass = 0
    Rogue Combat = 0

    Monk brewmaster = 0
    Monk Windwalker = 3
    Monk Mistweaver = 10

    Paladin Holy = 31
    Paladin Retribution = 5
    Paladin Protection = 0

    Priest Holy = 33
    Priest Discipline = 3
    Priest Shadow = 5

    Warlock Demonology = 0
    Warlock Destruction = 3
    Warlock Affliction = 29

    Shaman Elemental = 15
    Shaman Restoration = 38
    Shaman Enhancement = 13

    Warrior Protection = 0
    Warrior Fury = 0
    Warrior Arms = 82 (LOL)

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