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  • I would resub for a Burning Legion theme

    79 53.74%
  • I would resub for Azshara/old god theme

    39 26.53%
  • I would resub for time travel theme

    17 11.56%
  • I would not resub

    12 8.16%
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    Would the next expansion bring you back if the theme was....?

    Blizzcon is just around the corner and 3 themes are being discussed for the next expansion:

    1) Burning legion themed

    2) Azshara/old gods

    3) Time travel back into first war era

    People who have unsubbed, would any of these themes bring you back? Why, why not?

    Personally, I would not come back. Too far gone and the one time I tried MoP, I found that community has completely died off or turned poisonous. A good community is paramount to me in a MMO. Not to mention no matter what the expansion, blizzard are likely to continue with their ways of homogenising everything, taking away choices from players and making the game linear and devoid of the need to socially interact and make friends and be nice to others.
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    If I had left - Burning Legion would definitely bring me back.
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    I haven't unsub and I would enjoy those three themes. Kind of a useless comment, I know, but you didn't need to specify on the time travel one, as it could very well be a wider concept (multiple timelines and events through the same expansion) or just a different target moment.

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    Theme of expansion doesn't matter that much; on first place - gameplay and content. I would say that MoP didn't deliver on any of these 3 points, so I will be judging next expansion from reviews and players' feedback long before buying, to avoid buying Cataclysm #3.

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    Sorry that you couldn't find a friendly guild with mature players. You have a choice when it comes to the people you interact with.

    Also, crappy poll results since many people quit because real life > game.
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    I would like a Burning Legion expansion if it had Illidan return as well, and it didn't directly involve killing Sargeras (too ridiculous to imagine... yet).

    I would also enjoy an Old God/Azshara expansion that did not center around Azshara as the final boss, rather N'zoth. I'd like for Azshara to have a Ragnaros-type role. I'm also in the minority in that I enjoy underwater zones.

    I would not enjoy an Emerald Dream expansion. I might enjoy a time travel expansion, depends how it's done.

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    I think the theme its not important, even that i admit that it helps, i care about gameplay quality, its the most important, you can have the best possible lore, and the games still stinks because of the bad gameplay mechanics. This means i haven't voted in your pool.

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    I would play any expansion.

    Just give me more 5 man dungeons next time!

    Some of us do like them.

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    No more time travel please
    A story of travel and experience from around the world

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    I'd love a Burning Legion expansion.
    The time travel thing just sounds amazingly-ultra awesomely awesome to me, please Blizzard, do it
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    A WotLK theme. Northrend has the best zones in the game. And I like winter.

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    Legion=Time Travel>Boringnaga
    I am still subbed tohugh.
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    I've never left, but any theme would be fine so long as the story is good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anodur View Post
    A WotLK theme. Northrend has the best zones in the game. And I like winter.
    I second this!

    I quit and un sub'd 6 months ago. It was due to the lack of quality raiders to recruit on my dead server, unwilling to move my guild and remaining members to another server. Aside from that the daily grind was killing me. Plus MoP itself just felt all wrong to me. I felt no desire and drive to finish out the expansion, the story felt lacking (even more so as an Alliance player).

    I didn't love Wrath because it started the catering to casuals or any of that non sense. I got sucked into the story, raiding was compelling because of it. I wanted to get to the end and defeat the Lich King.

    We need more of that and yes the zones were amazing.

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    i dont think its a theme issue that caused me to quit. it was a combination of everyone in my guild stopped playing and i quite frankly just got bored of the game. while i admit the theme throughout TBC was my most favorite im not sure another Burning Legion theme would be enough to bring me back.

    edit : i quit shortly before Cata btw

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    I'm still subbed after 5 years and would love any of these options. MoP is even pretty awesome.

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    Vanilla player here and I doubt ill resub to a required $15 model. I unsubbed 7 months ago with very little desire to return. The theme means very little, it's all about gameplay, and WoW gameplay is not fun to be. I dont desire to invest the time it takes to raid, and LFR makes me quit too fast for it to be worth it now. It's not about money, its about voicing my opinion.
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    I like how the poll assumes ppl on MMOChamp have unsubbed. LOL. Despite the majority of WoW/Blizz hatred and bitch-ass-ness expressed on the forums, I'd say that most MMOChamp readers are still subbed.

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    Regardless of what the next expansion becomes I'll be returning after Black Friday when I'll be able to purchase a new account for $15. {New Cataclysm Battlechest + MoP}

    Despite all the BS WoW sucks on most MMO forums, I actually really enjoy the game, I just can't play it continuously for longer than about 3 months. After leveling one class to max I tend to burn out, not wanting to lvl another class or engage in End Game raiding but now that there is an LFR option it may be different this time. Always wanted to try some raids, but never had the patience or time to do it regularly, and no I havn't played since a few months after Cataclysm launched, lots to catch up on and see/do. {Heck havn't even tried the Worgen yet or their starting area, last char/class was Goblin Shaman}

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    Can somebody explain to me why anyone would want another burning legion expansion when we've already had BC?

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