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    Soulburn macro!


    I was looking for some useful and nice warlock macros. Unfortunately i didn't found anything that could satisfy me.
    Decided to make easy and comfortable macro for Soulburn.

    Idea comes from my mounts macro
    /cast [nomodifier] <normal mount>
    /cast [modifier:shift] <flying mount>

    Click on macro = ground mount
    Shift+click on macro = flying mount

    And there we go for Soulburn macro:
    /cast [nomodifier] Seed of Corruption
    /cast [modifier:shift] Soulburn, Seed of Corruption

    Sience im in work and don't have WoW here i don't know for 100% if it work if macro above don't work try this one:
    /cast [nomodifier] Seed of Corruption
    /castsequence reset=3 [modifier:shift] Soulburn, Seed of Corruption

    What it does? When you click binded key with that macro you just cast Seed of Corruption, but when you hold shift key you cast Seed of Corruption affected by Soulburn.
    Now just make it with all other spells affected by Soulburn.

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    why not just
    /use [insert flyingmount]
    /use [insert normalmount]
    =if you are able to you use flyingmount, if not like on timeless island you use normal mount

    they idea might not be bad, but i think most locks have bind every normal hotkey with shift on a diffrent macro anyway, just to have everything bound, see no reason why not just use a seprate macro für SB:SoC

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    #showtooltip Seed of Corruption
    /cast [mod:shift] Soulburn
    /cast Seed of Corruption

    This is what I use and it should work like u want it to.

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    In something like this:
    /cast [modifier:shift] Soulburn, Seed of Corruption

    Does the issue still exist where it will sometimes try to cast the spell before it takes the 0 gcd ability into account (it will end up casting a regular seed and then hit the soulburn after)?
    I remember it used to happen with moonwell chalice where you weren't able to macro moonwell and demo form in the same macro because sometimes it wouldn't take the increase in mastery granted from MC before switching you into demo. Had something to do with client/server lag if I remember correctly.

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