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    Combhelper and possible critbug?

    Hi there mmo-champs! Im having a bit of a problem, two actually, as you can see on the title.

    Anyways. Last sunday i was raiding with my guild. My ilvl is pretty ok at 549 and crit with all buffs and flasks etc is around 48%. Thing was my absolutely highest Comb came that evening at 130k. Otherwise the combs end at around 70-80k at maximum with trinket procs Jade Spirit and so.

    Yesterday just before raid I updated combustionhelper to version 3.5.2. and the biggest comb i made that evening was at 32k. I read the update notes and stuff and it just says that "it now actually displays right numbers for the comb-nerf". Normal comb was at about 25k. Does this really display the right values or has there been another nerf for combustion aswell?

    Second question and the most important one. As I said, my crit is at around 48% raidbuffed, wellfed and flasked. When things like trinketprocs and jade spirit procs my critrating sometimes goes up to 54-56%. BUT, when that happens, fireball and pyros stop critting. I can cast 7-8 fireballs and not a single one crits, untill my temporary critrating goes down to 50% or lower. And it happens almost everytime. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks for your time. Mage-Powah

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    That sounds about right.
    Previously the helper would show the maximum hit of combustion - ie the crits. so a 130value would really be about 65k hits.
    Since 5.4 combustion took a 60% nerf from 50% of ignite down to 20%, so 65k down to 32k looks ok, if not higher than expected

    As for your second question, i honestly dont know, so will hope others can answer for you

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    for the 2. issue, i have tried that more times than i can count, but also the other way around where i just cant stop critting

    RNG is, and will allways, no matter what, when or how, be RNG
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    Thanks guys yeah well nice that the combustion seems right though! Yeah i know R is Random as in RNG but still it feels like the crit goes down to like 10% or so when i actually go up to 55%ish. And its almost every time :/

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    You should be looking at your ignite and not the predicted combustion damage that combustion helper shows, Ignite updates faster and more accurate than the combustion prediction.

    And for no crits.. rng is rng.

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