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    Ok, so I have being away from WoW lore for roughly a year...

    What have I missed?

    Last major lore event I remember was Garrosh nuking Theramore I watched the Garrosh defeat video and noticed a few things, Vol'jin's new look, Gallywix, Thrall's return, Jaina hating Thrall/Horde

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    You may have missed Thrall's balls.... they're everywhere.

    seriously though, Taran Zhu did some duel with Garrosh and the vale getting a face lift. Oh and cthulu brought us a new island to play with with a fiery demigod presiding.

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    And then just go through the other patches.

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    horde and alliance fought over krasarang (5.1 Landfall). Isle of thunder opened, creating new raid (5.2 Throne of thunder). Vol'jin started a stand against Garrosh, and formed a rebel alliance with, the alliance (5.3 escalation) and now your back here where we go toe to toe with Garrosh (5.4 Seige of Orgrimmar).

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    Garrosh did WHAT?

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    Our brave and valiant hero Garrosh is being besieged by the evil scoundrels of Azeroth!

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