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    How Many Have You Done?

    1. Find your total damage, damage taken or healing done (respective of your longest main spec) in your statistics pane.

    2. Convert that number into words using an online convertor (cant post links but they are really easy to find).

    3. Post it as follows:

    I Snackoplexy have done one hundred seven billion forty-eight million one hundred thirty-eight thousand two hundred thirty-four points of damage whilst playing World of Warcraft.

    Or don't! Haha. I just thought it would be interesting to see this statistic laid out in world format. I cannot vouch for the reliability of this statistic also.

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    Each expansion, i have changed mains.

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    The number is not significant on my hunter, who has less than 2 days played.
    My vanilla warrior had 110days played at 60, but the damage done in Vanilla could be beaten in a weak at 90 :P

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