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    Quote Originally Posted by blackblade View Post
    I kinda liked the Battlefield Barrens model.

    You could take it as quickly or slowly as you wanted.

    I don't really care for Timeless Isle, Namely because there's 0 VP to be gained over there, and aside from being awesome for getting Sha Crystals, there's not a lot going on beyond running world bosses.

    Even the weekly chests don't hold anything great.

    For stuff to do: Farming Xmog gear, cheevos, and gold seems to keep me occupied. Having two characters working on the cape helps too.
    0 VP? There's a 200 valor weekly, same as Barrens, and a 50 valor daily.

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    If you're not into raiding, then Blizzard's schedule will seem off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caliph View Post
    they should just patch in invasions like rift. that'll help you out. only the bosses have to be tough though.

    with this expansion it'll be easy. remnants of the sha are leaking out into the world or some such and you have to kill them.

    or escaped orcs attacking capitals, twilight hammer dickheads out for terrorism or something.

    yes yes, hmm i think i'll get GC on the phone and make it happen.
    That's a good idea. More frequent patches that use existing art assets. Kind of a living world thing.

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    You people have the attention span of a gnat. One week and you are bored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronduwil View Post
    Well they used to put out 1-3 heroic dungeons with each patch. This release they've put out around 0 for every patch. Does that clear up your confusion?
    Well, to be fair, only a few patches each expansion included dungeons. Not all. And most people complained about the dungeons.

    ICC - people complained the 5-mans were too hard
    DS - people complained they were too easy
    Ulduar - no 5-mans at all - How dare they not release extra content. One would think that was their worst patch......

    So is your only complaint that you want more 5-mans?
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    I raided flex up to nazgrim, from then on my guild wouldn't take me anymore because i don't have legendary cloak so i unsubbed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deruyter View Post
    This question popped into my mind today after realizing that I'm done with the Timless Isle (both in rewards and in having fun).
    Do you guys think we will get some more content between now and the next expansion? Or will this be it from the next ~10 months !?

    I flex Raid once a week and I love it, but outside of that I seem to be out of fun or meaningfull things to do right now.

    P.s. yes, I play other games too, but I like to have a reason to log into WoW aswell
    What is up with everybody saying there will be around year to a new expansion?
    Will prolly be some patchup with things to do in 5.5.

    Have you tried to do proving grounds? It's kinda fun, and might take you a fair deal of time if you go for 30 waves, for the title.

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    Doubt it's because of legendary cloak itself tbh. It's a nice boost for sure, but if you're a good player you can do more damage than people with a cloak. It's just a piece of good gear(being 10-20k more dps overall).
    Specially for flex it would be a ridiculous demand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yjmark View Post
    I'm a bit confused. How much non-raid content beyond raids are people expecting in each raid patch?
    The world on a platter and then some. Obviously, the only thing a rational human being should ask for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terridon View Post
    What is up with everybody saying there will be around year to a new expansion?
    Will prolly be some patchup with things to do in 5.5.
    I honestly don't understand this either. It's as if people have completely missed the many repeated times across the last ~6 months that Blues have said that they're working hard at churning out faster content as well as them recognizing the problem of the gap between end of expansion and release of new. Even yesterday, GC confirmed that they have *already* vastly expanded the WoW dev team, referencing their desire to get content out faster.

    My money is on a April/May release. Yes, I know this goes outside of the norm for these things.

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