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IDK how ppl can say hunters are easy to play when most of them nowadays are meter jockeys, who don't do any of the things I fore mentioned. But if this from strictly a rotation stand point then I can see your point... They have dumbed down the game a bit.
I'm one of those players who doesn't really care about their dps, as long as it's good enough. I haven't even had an addon to show my dps since ICC or something. I'm not going to deny that it's fun to see yourself doing awesome dps and ranking high on WoL but if it doesn't happen I don't mind it. As such, I often ended up doing the shitty jobs that lower your dps. It used to be a lot worse in my old guild as I was pretty much volunteering to do the jobs when no one else wanted to but it's still happening to some degree even without me volunteering. Part of it has to do with mobility (like soaking orbs during p2 on Malkorok heroic) and part of it is just "someone has to do it, might as well be you" (like killing engineers on Garrosh). The thing is, I was already factoring those kind of things in when I said I find hunters relatively simple to play. I'm not sure if I understand how they would make playing the class any harder, really.