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    If you increase the number of DPS you also need to increase the number of healers to heal them.

    The reason queues are so long probably has more to do with other factors. One being the lack of a real catchup mechanism, means you have people spread out over a variety of wings. Another is that the way loot drops work even if you are all caught up to the most recent tier you stop needing to run certain wings based on what drops you get and that differs from player to player. Whether or not a wing has many good drops for a healer will have a very strong influence on how quickly healers move past and stop queuing for that wing. Another is that some wings are unpopular due to difficulty.

    If you could get players focused on queuing for the same content many of the queue length issues would go away.

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    Yea because it makes sense to add 15 more mongoloids to the grp.
    Here come the Irish.

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    Rather see them change LFR to 1 tank, 3 heals and 21 DPS... but yeah that's not going to happen either.

    40-man LFR would just be a nightmare - there's already so many ground effects/ability details/damned pets all hovering around the bosses arse, that you can't see shit all in a 15 yard range around the boss as a melee in 25-man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lbgr View Post
    that leads to another question. IF your class has the ability to heal or tank, and you choose DPS, should be penalized (or should pure dps classes, mage/lock/hunter, etc) be given preference in queues?
    Only if classes that only have the ability to dps get penalized for being selfish and not rolling a class that can heal or tank. erh...

    On a more serious note, definitely not. I absolutely hate playing boomkin on my druid, yet I love my druid. A lot of people roll a certain class only for a specific spec, and it wouldn't be fair to make them play something they don't want to just because they can.

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    I'd rather see LFR 10 man to be honest

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    No simpy due to computer performance issues... Lots of people have enough FPS issues with 25 man so imagine how many 40 man would affect. I'd imagine the majority of players wouldn't be able to run 40 player KFR over 10-15 fps on medium settings.

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    25 idiots or 40 idiots? does it really matter?

    only the FPS the lag server handling ect ect.
    it only would make it worse for most players, cuz they cant handle the data flying around from 40 ppl.

    so no

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    LFR to 40 man?? Hell no. Then there are even more idiots together in a group.
    Blizzard better lower the size to 10 instead, so each player gets a bit more responsibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhekk View Post
    A good number of computers can barely handle 25s. Adding 15 more people into the mix would just get messy.
    Wtf are you playing on, a toaster ? Computers were able to handle 40 man raids 8 years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angrybathtub View Post
    Don't think we need more people AFK and slacking off during boss fights.
    Sadly I have to agree with this.
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    Lets fix the afk players issue before doing anything. Blizz should nerf drops to the grounds to those who are not contributing.

    Quote Originally Posted by melak View Post
    Humm, did so many of you lagg during vanilla raids too :O? Or running the same setup as back then maybe :P?
    Dude, in Vanilla there wasn't a stupid and unneeded amounts of flashy lightning shit around. I'm not lagging; though I'd love to turn spell effects off to the Vanilla level, because it tires me out very fast, and even leads to sensory overload on some bosses.

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    lfr should be 10 or 15.. most of us have fps problems on 25man.

    I have high end pc (i5-3570k overclocked @ 4.5 + Asus 670 Top Oc), still having low fps for such graphics.
    (around 45-60 on 25lfr - maybe 60 fps sounds nice, but it isn't good for 10y old game with outdated graphics)

    Can play GW2 world pvp on ULTRA with same(45-60) fps as Wow 25man lfrs.
    Wow has serious fps issues.

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    As a tank the queues are already often really long. Twice yesterday I got in as DPS instead of tank, that's how bad it is. 40-man sounds fun, but I don't think they'd be able to remake all fights to fit say 4 tanks, so it would be even worse. I'd feel sorry for people who just want to tank.

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    Queue times for 6 healers are bad enough, fuck that.

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    Yes,yes,yes,yes Please give me 40 man peeps.

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    Here's the actual deal breaker when it comes to 40-man LFR:
    It is impossible to have pretty, detailed, reasonably sized raid frames that show 40 players, it can't be done.
    For this reason alone I am against 40-man LFR.

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    Perhaps making them 30 man would be a sweet spot?

    It would be 5 extra DPS spots; which would obviously reduce queue times [for DPS] without having a huge impact on system/FPS issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by savutitus View Post
    I'd rather see LFR 10 man to be honest
    Same but then you're forgetting the key issue with queue times are tanks/healers triple the groups would make the queue times worse.
    Quote Originally Posted by Equim View Post
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    while I can just barely handle 40-man raids in my current PC rig, I really don't want an up to 100% more probability of getting slackers/afkers to top up more likelihood of flame wars after a wipe. I'll stick to 25-man.

    I can't imagine how many would die in Durumu or Elegon in a 40-man LFR due to the respective intermission phase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lbgr View Post
    I understand there is a lot of hate for LFR, and to those people, I'd kindly ask them to stay out of the thread.

    But to those who do enjoy lfr, I'd like to ask this.

    Current queues are anywhere from 15 min - 45 min on average for any given wing. (for dps)

    The hardest role to fill is of course healers. This means there are TONS of dps sitting and waiting. If lfr's were increased to 40 man, with very little change to mechanics, we could potentially see more dps slots fill up, lowering queue times, with roughly the same number of healers.

    Over the past few days, I find that there aren't even enough dps sitting and waiting. So this is a bad idea.

    I've long been a proponent that the last boss of an expansion (and ONLY that one) should be a 40 man-only encounter however.
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