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    4pc t16 vs 3 heroic off-pieces

    Hey, tonight it dawned on me that Thok, Blackfuse, and Paragons heroic is going to take awhile to kill, whereas the first 8 have been tuned rather easy. Unfortunately, those 3 bosses are tier bosses, but in those first 8 there are heroic/heroic wf off-piece alternatives. Would it be worth it to ignore the 4pc for the potential extra 13/19 ilvls on your helm, shoulders, and legs? For any of the specs really. You'd have the heroic tier chest and gloves. Thanks.

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    Depends on the spec. Frost yes, fire no and arcane no.

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    As Arcane you can Wear 2pc T16 HC + HC WF.
    As Fire the 4pc T16 Flex is even better then T15Hc.
    As Frost ...uhm sry i cant say something about it.

    The Point of it is, As Fire try to get 4pc as fast as possible ; Arcane do very well with the old T15HC, even if your arcane and you "only" got T15 N the T16 N is better, but i would not advise you to ignore the 4pc cause in the example for fire the 5 % crit for Pyro ( 3000 ) you cant compensate these with HC WF items.

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    I worked out a little list for myself as Arcane based on the bosses we will be doing heroic and which will be normal for a while. I'm not claiming this is perfect for everyone (is based on ARCANE remember) more a case of "what I'm gonna roll on", factoring in set bonus', other raiders whose tier is better than mine (4 set bonus), when we are likely to hit the later heroic bosses etc etc. Anyway, this is the list. Obviously WF is a bonus on the HC items. I'm also not claiming to have calculated pi to the nth digit to work out the "optimal" balance between this list and NT16 4 set, as I'm not in a "super serious" guild this might be handy to other people in a similar position.

    Based on a Heroic Kill order of

    Included HC items from - immerseus, protectors, norushen, sha of pride, galakras, iron juggernaut, dark shamenm, nazgrim

    Not included HC items from - malkorok, spoils, thok, blackfuse, paragons of klaxxi, garrosh

    Main Hand
    Gaze of Arrogance - sha of pride - HC

    Off Hand (If applicable)
    Juggernaut's Power Core - iron juggernaut - HC

    Hood of Swirling Senses - immerseus - HC

    Untainted Guardian's Chain - norushen - HC

    Shoulderpads of Dou Dou Chong - protectors - HC

    Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu'lon

    Chronomancer Robes - sha of pride - HC

    Bracers of Broken Causation - norushen - HC

    Chronomancer Gloves - nazgrim - HC

    Belt of Ominous Trembles - norushen - HC

    Leggings of Furious Flame - iron juggernaut - HC

    Bone-Inlaid Sandals - galakras - HC

    Ring 1
    Signet of the Dinomancers - thok - NWF

    Ring 2
    Iyyokuk's Hereditary Seal - paragons of klaxxi - NWF

    Trinket 1
    Purified Bindings of Immerseus - immerseus - HC

    Trinket 2
    Kardris' Toxic Totem - dark shamen - HC

    Totals - Handy for coins
    norushen 3
    sha of pride 2
    immerseus 2
    iron juggernaut 1 + 1(off hand)
    dark shamen
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    Gear related questions should be posted in "Help my gear" thread. This thread is now closed.

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